How to create a new version of my website?

With Rocketspark there are always little changes and adjustments You may come to the point where you have had your Rocketspark for a little while, and you want to give it a redesign but don’t want your live website to be in a “half redesigned” state.

The best way to do this is to create a new 30 day trial with Rocketspark to try things out and then implement this new design onto your existing website when you have the new design worked out.

The other option is to use one of Rocketspark’s graphic design partners to do the redesign and implement the design for you. One of Rocketspark’s partners, Repeatable, did this exact process with long time Rocketspark client, The Finance Marshall. The process that Shayna from Repeatable went through can be replicated either by you or by any of the Rocketspark Design Partners.

The Finance Marshall Rebuild

This section is some insight from Shayna from Repeatable as to how she redesigned The Finance Marshall's website.

After doing some graphic design work for the Finance Marshall (thanks to the referral from Rocketspark), Hayden and Chrissy approached me to have a look at their website and see if I had any ideas about refreshing it. This is pretty much my favourite thing in the world to do. It’s always easier to create a great website when you have a good one - and a good business - there to start with. Plus I already knew I was working with great people!

As we discussed things we realised quite a big overhaul was in order. The problem of how to design and create it arose since they already had a Rocketspark site, with a stack of blog posts we wanted to keep. A few options were discussed and thanks to Rocketspark’s suggestion we realised the best way to do it was to create a new trial site in our Repeatable Design Studio dashboard to get the design right and signed off by Hayden and Chrissy. We would then pick a time to implement all the changes on the existing live website.

We went through the process of designing the new logo and colour scheme, and I arranged a photoshoot to capture some fun pics of their daughters as well as the new brand profile images with one of our preferred photographers. I designed the bulk of the new trial site, cutting and pasting text from their live site and using the new images. I then talked to the guys at Rocketspark about what to do with a couple of custom built areas they had created on the original site, like their home loan calculator.

The Finance Marshall had been a Rocketspark client for a long time and so their site had some old code that needed to be dealt with. We booked in a time for the changeover so that Rocketspark could implement the changes to the custom code at the same time as I was changing the design. I had made a note of all the fonts and colours, and created a folder with all the final images to use, to make it as quick and easy as I could. On changeover day everything went well, the custom code stuff took about… 2 seconds to sort. Thanks Matt! On the other hand my side of things did take longer than I had anticipated. By the afternoon we had the brand new site looking and working just as it should. Phew.

There were a few adjustments to make once it was complete. There is always a lot to check to make sure it’s all correct. Next time around I will have a bit of a list of things to make sure I check through and will give myself a bit more time. Overall it was so straightforward, thanks largely to the brilliant Rocketspark framework which just makes it so simple to maintain websites, make changes, and keep them looking fresh.

The best part is when you know the work is making a difference to your client's business, and I recently received this email from Chrissy:

"Since our new website went live, we’ve had 3 referrals come through directly from the site. The referrals were from other customers, however they’ve obviously gone to our website first and then approached us directly from there. We’ve never had that before, so it’s really making a difference. Whether it’s the layout or that we’ve made it easier for them to call us – it’s all positive!! Thanks so much for everything you’ve done for us – it really has made such a difference."

Chrissy Marshall - The Finance Marshall

How to redesign or create the new version of your website?

You can obviously change design elements whenever you’d like by using the “Edit Design” options If you’d like to start a redesign yourself there are two ways you can go about this.

Find out more about how to redesign your pre existing Rocketspark website.