More ecommerce control inside your Dashboard

This month we’ve launched a swathe of new ecommerce controls, right in the Dashboard of your store. As Rocketspark evolves into a more powerful Ecommerce Software suite, more control and flexibility is put in the hands of store owners to increase sales and store management efficiency. The thing we’ve learnt is that every store is different and there’s no one-size-fits-all—sometimes things need to be different between stores. Over the years we have offered Ecommerce customisations that need to be configured by the Rocketspark team but we’ve grouped all of those customisations into one update where we’ve moved them all into the hands of store owners.

New ecommerce controls on the storepreferences page

  • Set quantity picker as a drop down list or text field.
  • Option to show quantity input next to add to basket button.
  • Change from grid to list view as your default store page layout. View help guide
  • Multi-select category filtering or single select. View help guide
  • Show/hide breadcrumb links on product pages. View help guide
  • Show/hide male/female selector when signing up for a new account. View help guide
  • Change your store to catalogue only mode for displaying products online but not taking online payment. View help guide
  • Edit the wording of some address field labels. View help guide
  • Rename Category, Filter and Brand where it displays for visitors. View help guide
  • Checkout success tracking code.
  • Gift store mode to give buyers the option to specify the product as a gift. View help guide

Add sub-regions for shipping

Sometimes splitting regions by country simply isn’t enough. Maybe you offer discounted or express shipping within a city but the rest of the country is a different shipping rate. Maybe you want to offer rural delivery pricing. Maybe you want to price shipping by state or some other region break-down. Now you can set up sub-regions of a country and specify shipping rates for each of those regions. The region is selected by the buyer right at the start of the checkout so this will show them what their shipping price is going to be based on their location.

View the help guide

Always looking for ways to streamline

These new features will make it faster for you to customise your site but will also take some pressure off our support team so they can get onto your other questions faster. If you have any other customisations you’d like to see or repetitive tasks that could be streamlined, we’d love to hear about it.