Vend POS - import products from a specific tag

Rocketspark Ecommerce first integrated with Vend Point-of-Sale software to help retailers sell in-store and online back in 2014 and now we’ve launched an upgrade to the way you can import products from Vend to Rocketspark.

Import only products with a certain tag

If you’re running a physical store, it’s possible that not all of your products will be suitable for selling online and in-store. Maybe some of your products in-store are impractical to ship long-distance or maybe they require a bit more sales-assistance for someone to make the right purchase decision. Now it’s possible to tag products in Vend that you would like to import to Rocketspark. So if you add a tag something like “WEBSYNC” and tag the products you want to sync, those products will be synced with Rocketspark but the rest of your products in Vend won’t sync with Rocketspark.

View help guide for the full details