Sell more, stress less: How we’ve streamlined your online shop

Sell more, stress less: How we’ve streamlined your online shop

If you’re like me, the new year is a time to take stock of the year just gone. 2017 saw a lot of improvements at Rocketspark, especially in the area of e-commerce. One of our big focuses has been helping clients sell more and stress less. How? By rolling out a raft of innovative features and tools to streamline the system to help manage bigger sales volumes without adding to the administrative burden.

But has it worked? We asked our client Sam Talbot from Active Nation, an online fitness equipment retailer, how they’ve found the changes. Here, Sam shares some of his recent experiences with Rocketspark’s new bells and whistles—and picks a few of his faves.


The shipping process can be the bane of online retail. Completing shipping labels and sussing out a courier all takes valuable time—and a wee mistake could mean the product ends up on the wrong side of the planet! That’s the genius of GoSweetSpot, a free platform designed to streamline the shipping process. GoSeetSpot lets you easily pick the best shipping rates and makes the administrative process a cinch. And we’ve worked our magic so that your Rocketspark shop automatically feeds the shipping details into their system.

This makes life a lot easier for Active Nation. “GoSweetSpot is saving us hours of work a day,” says Sam. “Not only does it save time, but it also saves us money by not having to prepay all our freight in terms of labels, satchels etc.” As always in business, saving time means saving money: “We’re also sure we’re getting the best price, and our customer gets the best service with a fully tracked delivery”.


Premium products can be a tough sell when they come with the premium price-tag to match. That’s why our shops can integrate with Laybuy, a service that takes the “ouch!” out of major purchases by giving your customers the option of paying in six weekly instalments—while you get paid in full almost immediately. Plus, it’s automatic and interest-free. That leads to more sales with no risk to you.

“Sometimes we were offering folks our own internal credit on these items, which came with its own risks,” explains Sam. Gym equipment can be pricey, but now with Laybuy, Active Nation can give customers a helping hand without having to shoulder the credit and fraud risks themselves. “Laybuy has been great and has helped us especially with some of our bigger ticket items.”


In the brave new world of online retail, sometimes what you really need is some quality training. To help our customers get their online shop really humming, we’ve run a number of live webinars to pass on our insider knowledge. These aren’t for gurus; they’re for beginners. We cover the big topics—social media, blogging, marketing, SEO etc.—in easy-to-understand language. Missed out? No worries. We’ve made the recordings available for you online (click the following links to access webinars on (1) SEO, blogging, and social media; (2) e-commerce marketing; or (3) increasing enquiries from your website).

For Sam, the webinars have been even more valuable than the other features. “The final number for site visits was a massive 44% jump on the previous month due to the tweaks we made thanks to the info learnt during the education series!” What’s the most valuable lesson learnt? “Our biggest takeaways were learning what Google looks for,” says Sam. “We implemented some of these learnings immediately and had a great response. We’ve yet to implement much more, but are excited about the changes this will bring about.” Sam points out that tutorials on metatags, landing pages, button links, and creating YouTube content have all been helpful lessons for Active Nation. “We really got a lot out of the webinars.”

Conclusion: Onwards and upwards

Last year was a big year for Rocketspark—but 2018 promises to be even bigger. Why? Because we don’t stop improving. We’re always striving to become one of the best e-commerce platforms around. And as a Rocketspark customer, any new features are rolled out to you as soon as they’re released. That means your online shop just gets better and better. Click here to find out how to start selling online.