New form builder: The tool you need to get the customer information you want

Customers are a mysterious bunch, especially online. Google Analytics can tell you when a would-be customer visits your site and a few other statistical tidbits about them—but wouldn’t you love to know more?

Like what their enquiry is about?...
Or what they really thought about your customer service?...
Or if you can add them to your newsletter database?

The more intel you can get from your site visitors, the better you can serve them. A good webform builder, therefore, is a remarkably powerful tool. Maybe that’s the reason that, of all the new features requested by our clients, a fully-customisable form builder comes in at number one. Yep, a flexible form creator is numero uno on Rocketspark clients’ “Most Wanted” list. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the launch of our new form builder. Wanna take a look?

Connect with customers like never before

Ask and you shall receive. And now asking your clientele is easier than it has ever been. A well-crafted form will get you the data you really want. Of course, immediately slamming a visitor with a game of Twenty Questions is liable to scare them off. But a short, smart form in the right position can yield opportunities to connect with users that you would never have had otherwise.

Until now, our form game has been pretty limited. For some customers, this has necessitated using a third-party form builder and incorporating that into their Rocketspark site. These specialist form makers can be pricey and less convenient, requiring a separate login, for instance. Of course, these third-party services are amazing at what they do though, and some customers will still need these sophisticated pick-a-path form builders. But the vast majority of our users just don’t need that level of grunt. Now most of our customers will have all the form capabilities they’ll ever need available through Rocketspark without having the extra cost or hassle of an external form creator.

Customise forms a gazillion ways

Customisation is the cornerstone of our new form builder. Label fields however you wish, add as many as you like, and rearrange them endlessly. Customise your buttons and choose where your user is directed after submitting the form. And all this with click-of-a-button simplicity. It’s intuitive and painless, making the process of collecting the sought-after data child’s play.

Because these forms are so easily modified, they can be laser-targeted to your exact needs. They can be used by restaurants to take bookings, tradespeople to streamline quote requests, online stores to handle product returns, help centres to triage support requests, retailers to get customer feedback—virtually anything.

Manage your forms from one spot

The flexibility of our form builder means you might end up with lots of forms. Thankfully, managing a heap of forms couldn’t be easier. The “My Forms” page, found in your Rocketspark Dashboard, lets you see all your forms at a glance. From here, you can edit your forms, track the number of form submissions made, and delete any you no longer need. And, for forms used multiple times, you no longer need to painstakingly make changes to one form at a time. Just make a change once and it’ll show up across all identical forms used throughout your entire site.

Conclusion: Valuable customer data is just a form away

Gaining precious insight into your customers just got easier. Our new form builder offers you the chance to ask website visitors for, well, just about anything—and get a response. You can now learn more about your clientele, fully edit forms to meet your precise needs, and conveniently manage your forms all from one page. You asked for these features; we delivered. The potential here for gathering relevant information is staggering. With our new form builder, your Rocketspark website is in top form.