5 effective web forms built with Rocketspark

5 effective web forms built with Rocketspark

It’s been nearly 2 months since we released the Rocketspark Form Builder and it’s awesome to see how many customers have adopted this new feature. From simple enquiry forms to complex application forms, the different use cases are pretty impressive. To help you get inspired, we’ve found 5 Rocketspark websites that are each using the form builder in exciting ways.

1. Gina Madigan Psychologist

Making appointments is pretty easy with a web form. The website for Gina Madigan Psychologist features a simple form that allows clients to request an appointment. Patients are able to select the clinic location and the treatment condition from a dropdown list making the booking process super easy.

2. Waikato Heatpumps

An effective web form doesn’t have to be complex. Waikato Heatpumps have created a super simple form that allows potential customers to request a quote.

3. IDo IDo Pop–Up Weddings

For a long time contact forms have consisted of the standard name, email and phone fields but why stop there? IDo IDo Pop–Up Weddings have created a contact form that lets them learn even more about their potential customers. By asking, ‘When are you looking to get married?’ and ‘How can we help’, they're getting the essential questions out of the way.

4. Discovery programmes for teens

The Rocketspark form builder gives you the ability to name fields whatever you like, meaning you can ask just about anything. Discovery has created an application form that allows them to connect with potential volunteers.

5. Orange Cross

Orange Cross have built a form that allows farmers to sign up to trial their health and safety tools. They gain even more insight into their customers by asking that important question, ‘How did you hear about us?.’

The possibilities are endless

The potential of what you can create with the form builder is pretty remarkable. Gain leads, gather data about your customers and so much more. Keen to know more about the Rocketspark form builder? Check out our blog post that goes over all of its features.