Get typing: New features to showcase your blog

When we thought about enhancing the Rocketspark Blog, it was a bit of a no-brainer. Blogging is one of the best ways to amplify your marketing, showcase your expertise and get found in Google. But how do you hook readers in and get them falling in love with your content? We’ve just released two new features that are designed for just that.

A blog slider to promote your posts

If you’re writing great content, you want to show it off. That’s where the Rocketspark blog slider comes in. Instead of waiting for your audience to stumble upon your blog, tempt them with tasters of your content throughout your website.

The blog slider displays up to 12 posts in a carousel format and automatically pulls in the latest content from your blog. This new stack can be added to whatever page you like and is packed with different customisation options. Adjust the styling, text alignment and even control the content that is displayed.

What makes it even more powerful is that you can filter posts by tag, so the slider isn’t just limited to the latest posts. You could have a slider dedicated to recent projects, staff profiles or even upcoming events.

View our help guide for customising the blog slider

A new layout option for the blog homepage

Your blog homepage is like the beating heart of your blog. A healthy blog is constantly pumping out new content and keeping your website fresh and relevant.

We’ve built a whole new layout for the blog homepage called the Blog Grid. Instead of displaying blog posts in a list you now have the option to show them in a grid format - allowing visitors to see more posts at once.

This layout option also gives you the ability to add featured posts. Mark a post as featured and it automatically gets placed at the top of the page - perfect if you want to highlight a particular post. The featured post remains at the top of the page even if more posts are added, so it will be hard for visitors to miss.

You can turn on the grid layout in just a single click from your blog dashboard. If you still prefer the list view then don’t worry, this layout option isn’t going anywhere. Our mission is to give you even more design options when it comes to customising your blog.

Learn how to turn on the blog grid
How to mark a post as featured

It’s time to bother with blogs

We hope these new features inspire you to get writing. While it takes a bit of effort and ongoing perseverance, the benefits of blogging speak for themselves. All that’s needed now is some killer content to showcase. So sit back and relax, it’s time to start typing.