New: Say hello to our all new picture block!

We're buzzing with excitement and can't wait to tell you what's up. Our beloved Picture Block has had a major upgrade, and it's all thanks to the awesome ideas and feedback you've shared with us.

Smoother image editing

Full width pictures: Editing full-width images is now hassle-free, ensuring they look perfect across all devices.

SVG files? Absolutely: Add sharp vector graphics easily, with the flexibility to resize them right in Rocketspark. Learn more here.

Easy shape masks: Quickly add shape effects to your photos without a graphics programme

Simplified controls: We've made scaling and cropping images straightforward and user-friendly. (Pro-tip: hold down shift while adjusting the height and your picture will scale to fit the height, so no part of your image is chopped off — great for logos!)

More control with zoom and reposition: Enjoy the freedom to zoom into and reposition images for that perfect visual impact.

Behind the scenes

This update isn't just about new features. We've focused on enhancing performance too, with faster load times, better image quality, and less load on our servers to ensure your site runs at its best.

Still got the old one?

If you're currently using the older version of the Picture Block on your site, don't worry – we’ll keep those old pictures working and you also have access to the new picture block. We're planning to switch the old picture blocks to the new version in the new year, making the transition smooth and seamless for you.

Here's to creating fantastic websites together!

The Rocketspark Crew 🚀✨