Rocketspark and Google Workspace: A symphony of business brilliance

Hey Rocketspark family! 👋 We've got some exciting news that might just make your business life even easier. Rocketspark has teamed up with Google Workspace! It's not just any old collaboration; it's a fantastic chance for business owners to make their day-to-day work a whole lot more productive and professional. How do we know? Our entire team uses Google Workspace every single day. It’s not just handy, it’s a game-changer. So, why should you be excited about this partnership? Let's dive in!

Simplify your workflow like a pro

Running the tech-admin of your business shouldn't be as tricky as herding cats across different platforms. Enjoy a smooth setup for your business email along with team access to all things Google Workspace, which includes – Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive cloud storage, Google Meet video calling, and synced calendars with Google Calendar. All of this gets neatly bundled up in one handy package!

Why this is a game-changer for your business:
Time is a precious commodity in business, right? Streamlined operations mean less hassle, more time for the good stuff, and, of course, a boost in profitability.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Collaboration is key, and Google Workspace makes it happen smoothly. With real-time document editing, shared calendars, cloud storage, and video conferencing for virtual team meetings, collaboration has a whole a whole new meaning! It's like having a virtual office that's always on, from any location, so you can share all your best ideas with every project with the whole team, regardless of where they are.

Why this is a game-changer for you:
Streamlined teamwork equals a smoother ride. Keep your entire team on the same page, meet those all important deadlines, and adopt a work environment that's all about success.

What about the price?

Google Workspace offers a range of plan and price options which you can view here that can work for both smaller and larger businesses, so you can get the plan that best suits your business needs. You might be thinking at first glance that Google Workspace appears to be more expensive compared with other email providers, but bear in mind Google Workspace steps in for Zoom, Dropbox, and even Microsoft Office, consolidating all your essential business tools under one roof for seamless management. 💼 🚀

If you already have emails set up with another provider, talk to our customer success team to discuss options about using Google Workspace with Rocketspark. If you are setting up emails for the first time, set up is easy through our Rocketspark Dashboard during your website upgrade process.

Security you and your customers can trust

In a world where cyber threats lurk in the shadows, security is non-negotiable. Google Workspace comes equipped with top-notch security features. Your business data stays locked up like a treasure chest, and your Rocketspark website? That’s in safe hands too!

Why this is your superhero cape:
Security isn't just about data; it's about building trust. A secure platform tells your customers they're in safe hands.

Make your emails look as good as your business does

Bid farewell to the ordinary  'name@gmail.com' email addresses, and feel proud rocking a more professional 'name@yourbusiness.co.nz' one.

Thanks to Google Workspace, your email address can have an upgrade, bringing a touch of professionalism. Your whole team can have a branded email address, transforming first impressions into lasting ones.

Curious about linking Google Workspace to your Rocketspark website and securing a polished email that aligns with your domain? Let’s explore pricing, check out the plans, and get the lowdown on signing up, head over to our Domains and Emails page. ✨

Why this is a game-changer for you:
Business credibility is in the details. A branded email address speaks volumes, telling your clients that you mean business - literally.