Invite your team to collaborate on your website—and choose what they can do

Have you ever wanted to invite your team to collaborate on your Rocketspark website but didn’t want to share your own personal top secret password? Now you can! You can also set what permissions your teammates have, so you can rest assured knowing Jared from accounts won’t be changing your fonts to lime Comic Sans ever again!

Providing a way for a website to have multiple users with different levels of permissions has been our most widely requested feature of all time and while it was a big project to develop we’re pleased to say we’ve done it.

Whether it’s one of your teammates or someone that supports your business with marketing, eCommerce order management or IT, you can set them up with their own login details. As the owner of the website, you can control what your teammates can do. For example, if one of your team only writes blog posts, you can set it so they can’t edit other parts of your site. By adding users with their own login and setting suitable access levels you will make your website more secure when you have multiple team members accessing your website.

Set your team up with their own login

Invite others to collaborate on your website at the same time using their own login details, which is easy for your team and secure for you—because you don’t need to share passwords.

Let’s say you manage a school’s website and it is important for you to stay on top of your content. It could be valuable to invite a few of your students to create new content for your school’s news blog and keep the content up to date. As you don’t want the students to be tempted to tamper with your staff profile pages, user permissions can be an effective way to give the students the opportunity to learn and keep their finger on the pulse of the school while locking down access to change main pages or design settings.

How to invite a contributor to your website with different permissions?

Control what your team can do

With people coming in to support different parts of your business, you can set what they can do on your website. This is easy to achieve through the different user roles and permissions. For example—

The admin role is good for someone who takes the full charge of your website. It has full access to edit and manage the site but can't delete it.

If you have an accounts person who pays the bills for you, you can get them to access the billing section where they can see your invoice history and make payments without getting distracted by other parts of your site.

Content/SEO Editor

As a Rocketspark customer, you already have Flint (our clever SEO helper) that can do all the SEO basics for you. If you are ambitious about ranking at the top of search results and reaching more leads online, involving a content or SEO expert can help you build trust for your brand through their word wizardry and give you a better chance of getting found in Google. 

Blog Writer

You can also add someone as a Blog Writer who can create and update the blogs for you but they won’t have access to the rest of the site.

Store Manager

If you have someone who looks after your online shop you can invite them to your website as a Store Manager. This role will get them to log in with their own details and access all the shop-related features including 

  • Order management
  • Product management
  • Customer accounts
  • Selling subscriptions
  • Promos & coupons
  • Sales stats
  • Shop settings
  • Shop integrations

Order Manager

This role is good for team members who manage and fulfil your shop orders but don’t need access to other store settings.

Domain Manager

If you work with a local IT company to help you with your domain name settings, you can invite your IT person to access your Domain settings on your site so that they can take care of the technical nitty-gritty for you. 

Email Accounts Manager

Your Email Accounts Manager can add and manage email accounts for you. If you get support from a local IT support business to help your team install mail on their devices, you can add them to access domain and email settings.

Website Designer

Do you get help with the design side of your website from a local designer or creative in your team? The website designer access enables them to control key design settings but without some of the high level site admin settings you’ll have as the owner.


  • If you are thinking of getting your website designed by an expert or having your website refreshed, we can recommend a designer who’s suitable for your project. Simply get in touch with us
  • For Rocketspark Design Partners, you can keep managing your client sites from your Design Studio
  • It's free for you to design websites for your clients & use Design Studio as a Rocketspark Design Partner. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about this

Manage multiple websites from one login with the new site switcher

Many of our customers are entrepreneurial people running more than one business and more than one website.  Also many of these businesses will have various people working on their websites.  With the new site switcher it’s a breeze to manage all the Rocketspark websites you have access to from one login. When you need to make edits on a number of different sites, you can log in once, and use the site switcher to choose the website you want to work on. 

The site switcher can be a huge time saver for you if you have websites set up for regional branches, multiple languages, or member logins. Or, if you are a marketer or IT guru helping a couple of Rocketspark clients with their websites, this site switcher can be handy for you, too.

How to manage multiple websites under one account?

Invite team members to collaborate on your site for free until 1 April 2023

Are you keen to try the new Multi-user Login feature? The good news is, you can have as many team members added to your website as you want, for free, until 1 April 2023.


  • If you are on monthly billing for your website plan, you can add an extra user per month 

  • If you are  on annual billing for your website plan, you have the option to add an extra user per month (more flexibility) or per year (less paperwork, get 2 months free) 

  • The first payment will be pro rata and charged when an extra user is added. Then the second invoice and onwards will align with the existing billing cycle 

  • If you add users on the free period until 1 April and pay monthly, this will be reflected on the first invoice we send you after the 1 April

  • If you add users on the free period until 1 April and pay annually, there will be a pro rata invoice to cover your usage from 1 April until your next annual recurring invoice

Make the most of this trial period to experience:

  • Setting your team up with their own login

  • Controlling what your team can do on your website through the different user roles and permissions

  • Logging in once and switching between all your Rocketspark websites