Announcing new design controls for beautiful websites fast

At Rocketspark we are focussed on helping you design beautiful websites fast. As a step towards that vision, we are thrilled to announce a batch of new design and layout features.

“These design controls are game changers – not only to my process in saving time, but the freedom to design what I am picturing in my head without outside software. I can’t live without them now!”- Leah from Varntige

Create an amazing portfolio with these new design capabilities, delighting your clients and winning more great projects with prospective clients. You know what they say, happy client = happy designer. Check out what’s new below.

Let your creativity flow with corner radius’

Getting creative with the corner radius of your column background is a great element to incorporate in your website design.  Crafting corner effects in external design programmes can be time consuming across a website project, so being able to edit your corner radius within the Rocketspark platform will save you time and speed up your creativity with different looks. Let your creativity flow with the new radius controls - you could set the same radius amount or different values for each corner - the design potential is endless! 

“As if Rocketspark wasn’t already easy enough to use! Now they’ve introduced new design features which work fantastically. I’m finding I have much more direct control of how a website looks and I’m no longer needing to use as many off site applications to achieve an on trend look” - Shaun from SK Digital 

Be the designer you’ve dreamt of with new column spacing

“The column gap is a game changer for me – the little tweak really lifts the design and makes things that were frustrating in the past super simple. Love it!”- Sara from Minted Design Co

As a designer, spacing between columns and at the edge of the page is an integral component to your web design and now you can adjust those independently. Breathing room and spacing around your content is important - the new column spacing allows you to increase the diversity and range of options you can add to your web design. Research states that space invokes imagination, allowing us to imagine and roam free. It also creates a visual hierarchy to ensure website visitors can find and digest information more easily. 

Experiment with border controls and inset/outset borders

“Amazing! Love the new design features you have created. It makes designing so much fun and creative, plus quicker and easier. ” - Kelly from Creative Box

You can now add borders to your column background within Rocketspark. Borders are a fun aspect of your design to experiment with. With our new border capabilities, you can add a border and customise the colour, width and where the border sits. Our new inset and offset border controls allow you to (literally) think outside the box with where you want your border to sit. You can get quite experimental with this by increasing the width and offset which leaves you with an overlap effect of the next column. We look forward to seeing what you come up with! 

Save time by applying the same styling to all columns

Applying styling to all columns is a great enabler for beautiful websites fast. This time-saving option is perfect if you want the same column styling across all of the columns in your stack.

“The new controls make our life soooo much easier!! Less custom photoshop jobs and way more creativity straight onto the Rocketspark platform saving us so much time!” - Beka from The Renew Room

Floating sidebar with side switcher

An extra bonus in this feature launch is the floating sidebar with side switcher! The floating sidebar means you can see your entire stack in situ without the screen shrinking to accommodate the edit settings. This means that there are no surprises with editing your site, what you see is what you get when you go live and you can see your site come to life. There’s also the option to move the stack design settings from one side of the screen to the other depending on which part of the design you’re working on.

Wrap up

These new design controls are a true enabler in designing beautiful websites fast. Being able to make these design edits within the Rocketspark platform will change the game for you and your web design. We look forward to seeing what you come up with and what web design trends emerge from your newfound design freedom.