Edit text in context and design faster, with Rocketspark’s new text editor

At Rocketspark we are focussed on helping you design beautiful websites fast. As a step towards that vision, we’ve introduced a new text editor which will revolutionise the way you edit text on Rocketspark. This feature is a move away from the pop-up text block and a move towards editing your text in-context and in real time. This will make your design process faster, by seeing your beautiful typography adjust in real-time and see your website design come to life. With that, we are pleased to introduce — In-context text editing! 

Watch your typography adjust in real time and see your website come to life

Editing your text in-context means you can see your typography adjust in real time, so you can design faster. As a designer, seeing the actual size, font, colour and line length of your text in-context with the rest of your page is a key element of seeing your website design come to life. Now you can get inspired and feel connected to your design as you edit your text in-context with less saving and checking how it looks in reality. 

Feel more connected with your design to create faster

Have more time for creativity with in-context text editing. Gone are the days of an unnatural design loop of edit > save > edit > save. Making the move to in-context text editing, you can reduce the number of times you have to repeat the editing process for every text block. This means you can design beautiful websites faster and spend more time on doing what you love, creativity. 

Design freely with more formatting options

The simple yet functional nature of in-context text editing means you are able to achieve more, with less input. You no longer need to be a HTML expert to achieve more formatting options - designing websites doesn’t need to be techy! The all new in-context text editor will allow you to design more freely with more heading formatting options like links, line breaks, bold, italics, and underline without having to code it. The different formatting options give you the freedom and flexibility to get innovative with your website design and how you format your text. Whether that be testing out different alignments, bolding keywords or linking a heading! Get creative with it! 

Wrap up

The new text editor allows you to edit your text in-context, meaning you can see your typography adjust in real time. Allowing you to feel more connected and inspired by the creativity and watching the website come to life. Seeing your typography adjust in front of you saves you time as a designer as you are no longer stuck in an edit > save loop to see what your design looks like. The new in-context text editor also enables you to achieve more design-wise, with less input. A great enabler of designing beautiful websites faster. We can’t wait to see how this feature changes the game for you and your web design!