Customer Success Vision with Carlos

Today we caught up with Carlos, our Head of Customer Success and he talks us through his role, and what his vision is for Rocketspark’s Customer Success team for the new year. 

What made you apply for this role? 

“I wasn’t actively looking for jobs. I was approached and someone recommended me for the role. Within a matter of hours of finding out about the role and researching it, I applied. Whilst I was enjoying what I was doing at my previous job, I had set up some goals for myself about where I wanted to be and how I wanted to impact and support people. It felt as though this role was made for me. I saw myself delivering the strategies, who I would be working with and that I could make a positive contribution. It wasn’t hard for me to make the decision to apply and I’m so pleased that it all fell into place.”

What does a standard day in the office look like to you?

“I approach the day with a ‘what are my people going to need’ mentality. Our people here at Rocketspark; our customers and partners. What challenges may arise and I try to be conscious about those things, so that when we are here working it's not by mistake that we are successful, it’s because we are conscious. I spend my day making sure I can deliver on my promises to my team, they have the right tools, resources and training to be successful for our customers. So that they can be the best team they can be. I’m really conscious about our customers, I’m trying to review as much as I can to find the gems, how do we improve, how do we take what we are already doing so well and elevate that to another level. I’m trying to give opportunities to our team to make sure that we see the role we are doing is customer success and not customer support.” 

What’s the one thing that you love about your job?

“I love that I have the opportunity to contribute to people’s success, it’s about every individual that I work with, I have the opportunity to empower, support, train, mentor and allow them to be the best version of themselves. Teach them how to learn resilience, how to adapt, grow in a working environment and know what success is and how to achieve it. I love that I have that opportunity. There’s a group of people here that I get to work with that I think I can have an impact on and that's my purpose. It’s what keeps me ticking.” 

Introduce your team to us?

“The Customer Success team as a group of people are a supportive, collaborative, empathetic, energised, warm group of people that see our customers and their success as our achievement, purpose and fuel—it keeps us going. I’m so fortunate to have the most special individuals. My team is almost like a little family. I do think my team are the backbone. We can’t do it without developers, founders, marketers—everyone is equally important. But I feel the Customer Success team are right on that front line and the tone of their voice, the smile they share on a phone call, the passion they show for someone else’s creation—that's what we are about and who we are.”

What does customer success look like to you?

“It’s a proactive approach to the needs of our customers. We are the champions of our customers. Customer Success isn’t following the guidebook and delivering a reactive response. Customer Success is actively contributing to the success of our customers that’s done in a lot of different ways but it's more than just providing a solution. To sum up, it’s not doing what’s asked of us, it’s doing what we know can help, when we do something we don’t stop at what the question was, we see the opportunity and we help someone realise that and see it through to its resolution. That’s what success is. We could argue that success is if someone asks us a question and we answer it, that's not success, that's reactive support. Customer success is a desire to enhance every interaction and proactively contribute to the success of our customers.”

How do your team support customers to achieve the success that you’ve just described?

“We are engaged by customers, we have an opportunity to deliver on what people want. We challenge ourselves constantly to not see it as only that request. We are building on our core function of supporting customers. They bring the right attitude to it, believe in what success is and are completely on board with it. There isn't a single person in the team who isn't passionate about when we have discussions around what Customer Success is. Our team goes above and beyond to fulfil this vision of success.”

Do you have a favourite customer quote or piece of feedback that you’d like to share with us?

“This is my favourite from a customer: ‘The follow-through is the best I have ever had, No nasty tones or made to feel pathetic or needy just friendly amazing service with great follow through. I send an email and actioned so quickly I never hesitate to get help now with this company it has empowered me, Thank you all.’ This to me has so many parts to it, have we fulfilled our obligation for success, this explains it to a tee. “

Tell us one thing that you’re really proud of your team?

“I’m proud of their attitude. They are all exceptionally smart people. I’ve come into a team that has never dealt with me as a threat or seen me as more than an opportunity, just like we do with customers and success. They have taken on every question I’ve asked, every suggestion I’ve made, every challenge I’ve put to them in such a positive way. I can see why our customers give us such amazing scores. I could pinpoint 100 amazing things, but from the attitude that they approach with their work, this business and our customers, we can succeed in everything.”

Tell us one thing that you want to achieve together with your team this year?

“I want to achieve for my team to see themselves as success specialists. How we deliver, what we deliver and the way we deliver it is something that no one has experienced before, it's a true transformation to Customer Success that is fulfilled.”

Why should customers get in touch with your team? 

“If they want to be successful. Our customers should get in touch with us for everything and anything. Customer success isn’t limited to what’s going wrong, it’s almost the opposite of that. Customer success is being there for our customers to help them succeed. If they have a barrier that is stopping them from being successful, we want to be there for them. If we are truly going to be customer success and live by what we say we are, then it’s everything. I want our customers to see it as ‘we’ve got a challenge and Rocketspark are my first go to to help me through this to be successful.”

We can’t wait to see what this year brings with your addition to the team, Carlos. It is apparent that you have already made a mark on the team. Bring on 2022!