Two new integrations to streamline your shipping—Starshipit & eShip

As an online store owner, the process of printing address labels, packing slips, courier barcodes, booking pickups, and sending orders can take up a lot of time. 

Rocketspark has now joined forces with Starshipit, to provide Rocketspark merchants with a direct integration where order details are sent automatically to Starshipit in a time-saving way to streamline the whole shipping process.

If you’re a NZ Post customer, you can also connect eShip with your Rocketspark online store through this integration. If you’re familiar with eShip but looking for multiple courier options, Starshipit has all of the other functionality of eShip.

Once your orders are automatically sent from your Rocketspark store, Starshipit can do all the heavy lifting for you, including bulk printing orders, assigning parcels quickly to a courier using smart rules, and auto generating every document you’ll need for fulfilling orders. Starshipit also makes it a breeze to flag and autocorrect invalid addresses, assuring you a better rate of successful delivery. You can keep your customers informed every step of their delivery journey, with text or email updates. And further than that, engage your customers with your personalised order tracking pages to keep your brand top of their mind and drive them back to your website for repeated purchases. 

Rocketspark customers can simply go to their Store Settings and enable the connection between their online store and either Starshipit or eShip by following the steps here.

​Save time & reduce human error

With just one click, Starshipit generates shipping labels (with the address details and courier barcode on it) that you can quickly print directly to your thermal printer, in bulk or one at a time. If you use a barcode scanner, you can also scan your packing slip to automatically print the shipping label. In addition, for international orders, Starshipit can automatically generate your customs and shipping documentation and submit them for you electronically. 

When an order is created in your Rocketspark shop and gets pushed through to Starshipit, Starshipit will automatically validate the delivery address before printing the courier label. It’ll then flag any wrong addresses for you and make suggested corrections to choose from. This enables you to avoid failed delivery from invalid addresses and postcodes with typos, saving you huge amounts of time from managing the re-delivery or needing to manually reach out to your customers or check in Google maps for the right address. 

Starshipit has a comprehensive rules engine that looks after all the shipping decisions you will need to make on a day-to-day basis, for faster and less hands on processing of orders by automatically allocating orders to your pre-specified couriers, at the rates you have negotiated, and according to the rules you have set. Then when a new order comes through, a parcel can be immediately assigned to a courier and sent out the door quick-smart. For example, you might want to assign bulk product parcels in a particular region to a specific company that’s good for delivering big things, by creating a rule based on the destination post code and packing size.

Choose the right courier to save money

Starshipit seamlessly integrates with the popular platforms and courier services you already use, either it be for domestic or international orders. Key delivery companies such as Australia Post, Royal Mail, DHL, Aramex (formerly Fastway), Toll, Poste Haste, Castle Parcels. Check out all the Starshipit integrations here.

This means you can choose different couriers for different types of deliveries to get the best deal for that particular delivery.

If you’re a NZ Post customer, you can also connect eShip with your Rocketspark online store through this integration.

eShip covers the basic needs using NZ Post for sending parcels. It can be a good-value option for merchants who only use NZ Post as it’s free of charge for NZ Post customers. Whereas to use Starshipit, you’ll need to pay a subscription fee based on your parcel volume per month.

Starshipit describe themselves as an enabler (who don’t resell courier services) rather than an aggregator (who earn margins on the retail shipping rates). So you are assured to lock in the best shipping rates from a range of different courier or carrier providers. You can select the courier service at the best rate to save money. By using a combination of courier providers, you can also book in orders every day to your maximum capacity.

Keep your customers informed every step of their delivery with text/email updates and your own branded order tracking page

Starshipit integration makes it easy to keep your customers informed at every milestone of the delivery, which will reduce the number of enquiries you’ll receive from customers waiting for their order. From when an order gets printed, manifested, picked up, to when the parcel is in transit, ready for pickup, or out for delivery, you can edit and automate SMS and email notifications for your customers at every selected step in their delivery journey. Their shipping status will be automatically updated and they’ll be provided reliable tracking information on the spot for their orders.

You can even customise the look and tone of voice of your order tracking pages, enhancing your brand and building bonds with your customers post-purchase. This is a great way to drive traffic back to your website and generate repeated sales.

Looking to bulk print orders for self-managed delivery/pickups?

Starshipit can support merchants who manage order delivery themselves to bulk print orders through a feature called “Plain Label''. You can rename the plain label for orders that don’t require a specific courier service to ‘your own delivery service’ before bulk printing them out. Up to five plain labels can be created within each Starshipit account.

Starshipit also supports pickup orders so you can offer a mix of pickup and self-delivered options and still use the pickup/delivery notification/tracking functionality.

To sum up:

Here are the features you can experience by integrating Starshipit into your online store on Rocketspark:

  • Generate shipping labels, packing slips, manifests, and customs documentation
  • Use smart rules to automate the dispatch process
  • Autocorrect invalid delivery addresses
  • Access popular platforms and courier services you already use, such as NZ Post/eShip, Aramex, Australia Post, Royal Mail
  • Get the best shipping rates and use multiple couriers for order delivery 
  • Automatically send SMS & email notifications to keep your customers informed
  • Branded order tracking pages to engage customers post purchase
  • Order-splitting, ship from store, and multi-location shipping
  • Return label generator

As we progress the integration, we’ll assess the needs for other features (listed below) to further streamline your shipping operations. 

  • Weight based shipping 
  • Auto populate shipping rate based on address
  • Auto calculate shipping (having multiple delivery options and on the fly courier estimates from Starshipit)
  • Sync back the shipped status back from Starshipit/eShip to your Orders page

If any of the above features are critical to your business, please do let our Customer Success team know. We’d love to expand the features of this integration and prioritise these based on your needs.