How to get good clients

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Good clients aren’t always easy to come by. In this edition of Reel Talk with Jason Tiller, Rocketspark Head of Partnerships, we cover what good clients look like, how you can reach those clients and how to keep hold of them.

What does a good client look like?

A good client can communicate well, is timely with their accounts, has a rapport with you and has values in common with you.

It’s important to trust your gut when choosing your clients. Instincts are a big part of selecting the right people to work with and for. If you feel like something is off, it probably is. Good clients will not only openly tell you what they need and want, they will also listen to your expert advice and trust what you know and do because they share in your values.

How do you reach that client?

Like attracts like. The way that you portray yourself in your field will bring in the people that you want to work with. How you talk, how you present yourself, and your aesthetic will impact your reach. 

Do you look expensive? Do you look cheap? Do you look like you specialise in one particular area or another? 

The majority of freelancers’ leads come from online, but this also applies to in person portrayal too. If you are out networking, promote yourself like you would promote your business.

Use your social media, be active and engaged on it. Show that you understand your dream client's business, their pain points, their problems and provide a solution. There is nothing wrong with a proactive reach out like, ‘hey I just noticed that your logo is a bit blurry on your website, I can get that sorted for you if you’d like’.

Also, don’t be afraid to qualify out the bad clients. There are lots of red flags to look out for, including, but not limited to:

  • Asking for a discount straight away
  • Complaining about previous freelancers where nothing was their fault
  • Asking you to copy or steal another design or piece of work
  • Bad communication
  • Slow to pay
  • Refuse to accept terms and conditions
  • Won’t pay a deposit

Now that you’ve landed your dream client, how do you keep hold of them?

Delight with good service. Give them a great result. Design, write or create beautifully. Deliver, that means sticking to your promises, if you promised to have it to them by Thursday, have it to them by Thursday. And charge a fair price. 

Understand the brief, understand what’s required, perhaps even go an extra mile or two. I think that approachability is a big part of attraction, if you're personal and approachable you will attract the clients you want. A lot of successful freelancers on Instagram are very conversational and personal, that makes them approachable. 

Underpin all of that with good communication and you’ll keep them coming back.

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