How to choose a website template

How to choose a website template

It’s one of the first decisions you’ll make when you start building your website and it can be a pretty daunting one. With a range of beautiful templates to pick from it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed. But let me tell you a little secret - it really doesn’t matter what template you choose. Yep, you heard right, it doesn’t matter. Why? Let’s take a look.

Your template is just a starting point

You can think of it like building a house. You need a solid foundation to get started (your template) then you can go in and add all your own belongings to make it feel like home.

Because Rocketspark templates are so customisable, whatever template you choose is pretty much a win-win decision. You can’t go wrong. Just like you can paint your walls a different colour and rearrange the furniture - the same applies to your website’s template. Change the colours, text content, layout, images and fonts - the customisation options are extensive.

Check out the example below. We started with two completely different templates and then used the different options to add our own content and change the design. Looks pretty similar right?

So perhaps it's true, the template you choose really doesn’t make a scrap of difference. However, if you look a little closer, you’ll notice that there is a subtle variation in the design. Take a look at the logo and menu position.

The key decision - Logo and menu position

The secret to picking a template lies in the header section of your website (the bit at the top of the page where your logo and menu sit). This is where you need to think about how you want your logo and menu positioned. Do you want your logo centred, left aligned or overlaying an image? Likewise, do you want your menu above, below or on top of your main feature area image? While it largely comes down to personal preference, this decision will dictate the template you choose.

But even that’s not set in stone. There are a number of customisation options around the header that can be made, sometimes these are specific to a certain template so it pays to shop around.

Each template can work for any industry

Let’s be honest, we’re all a little prone to judging a book by its cover and in the world of web design, it’s no different. But don’t get swayed by the images or colours on a template. Just because a template has pictures of a florist doesn’t mean it won’t be suitable for a builder. With a few tweaks and a personal touch, you can mould a template to fit any type of business.

Don’t be afraid to change templates

Choosing a template is a bit like choosing flavours in an ice cream shop… you want to try them all! And the great news is you can. We’ve built Rocketspark so you can change templates as many times as you like without having to start again. In fact, it’s so easy we encourage you to try out a few before committing, even if it’s just to get some design inspiration. Check out our help guide for changing a template.

Time to make a start

Hopefully, by now the prospect of choosing a template feels a bit less daunting. And it should be. The flexibility of Rocketspark’s templates means that whatever decision you make you can make with confidence.

To recap…

  • You can edit everything about a template including the colours, layout, text content images and more.
  • Where you want your logo and menu positioned should dictate what template you choose.
  • Each template can be changed to suit a specific industry.
  • You can change templates as many times as you like.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a template and get cracking. Just remember, it’s not the template you choose, it’s what you add to it that matters.