Rocketspark joins the Digital Boost Alliance Aotearoa

Rocketspark is pleased to be supporting the Digital Boost Alliance Aotearoa. Being a software platform for small businesses we're already actively supporting the growth of digital capability through working with Digital Boost by sharing our knowledge through free webinars.

The purpose of the Digital Boost Alliance aligns so well with many of our own initiatives, such as pop-up shops, digital playbooks, ebooks and training classes. We also enjoy creating pathways for students through our partnerships with Cambridge High School, Wintec, The University of Waikato and AUT.

This made joining the alliance an easy decision.

​Building something bigger

The Digital Boost Alliance of like-minded organisations is focused on motivating and inspiring small businesses and individuals across Aotearoa to lift their use of digital technologies.

The team behind the alliance believe that giving Kiwis the confidence to accelerate their use of digital business tools, new technologies and new ways of working is vital to achieving Aotearoa’s economic and social Potential.

When putting this together they were seeking others to support their collaborative vision of:

“Accelerating the growth of a Digital Aotearoa by providing businesses, people and organisations with increased access to technology, expertise, advice, support and services needed to live, work and thrive in a sustainable and resilient digital economy.”

Rocketspark’s commitment

As members of the Digital Boost Alliance, we will work together to leverage our collective reach and influence to help improve digital skills, technology adoption and digital commerce for the benefit of Kiwi small businesses, employees and individuals.

Specifically Rocketspark’s commitment to the Digital Boost Alliance is: 

  • Ongoing and expanded support of the Digital Boost training programmes by sharing our expertise at free training sessions and providing valuable prizes to promote content engagement.
  • Conducting further pop-up shops to provide free training and low cost workshops for small businesses on digital essentials for online success. See here.
  • Providing website makeovers and new website builds in conjunction with Digital Boost to create inspirational stories to encourage others to boost their digital presence.
  • Providing a 25% discount on the Rocketspark website builder plan for 6 months for any business that does not have a website and have reached an agreed level of engagement with the Digital Boost online learning content. The commitment to learning that is required is to be confirmed as Digital Boost develop the programme but the offer will also include a website domain name registration free for one year for businesses that don’t yet have a domain name.
  • Providing additional ad-hoc discounts to remove financial barriers to digital adoption for not for profit organisations and communities where digital access inequities exist.
  • Expanding the digital career pathways we’ve created with Cambridge High School, Wintec, The University of Waikato and AUT.
  • Ongoing best practice education for digital service providers such as graphic designers, marketers and virtual assistants who support small businesses develop their online presence.

Visit our landing page here to learn more.