Relationships build businesses

When Rocketspark asked branding agency Milk & Honey Media to do some filming for an upcoming event, Managing and Creative Director, Jonathan Nickerson, came back saying he'd love to, in return Rocketspark offered to help him out with his website. 

Jonathan is originally from Dallas, Texas. His background in finance and international business provides him with a strong foundation for understanding the client's objective to see a return on their investment. He is passionate about seeing his client's brand come to life. And with more than ten years experience in advertising and video, Jonathan is fulfilling that passion with not only local Kiwi businesses, but also national and international brands. 

Even with all this experience, Jonathan says there is really one key factor that makes it all come together: Relationships, that is the foundation of Milk & Honey's approach.

To successfully produce the campaigns and videos a client needs, Jonathan first takes the time to get to know their business by understanding their brand and purpose, why they do what they do. This ultimately leads to producing the most effective and engaging content for the client's audience.

This approach was something Rocketspark greatly benefited from at our latest event, Launch 2021: Design Conference and Awards Dinner. Jonathan created an incredible video that really captured the essence of the event.

While working with Jonathan, the Rocketspark team offered help with more than just a new website because of the work he was doing for them. Rocketspark Head of Product, Jeremy Johnson, had some ideas for a new logo that better fitted the new design.

"While we were designing the new website for Milk & Honey, we struggled to get the logo to display quite right. We knew we wanted a white background to the website, but the existing white and gold logo with a drop shadow didn't look quite right. 

“So, we ran some ideas past Jonathan and he decided to go with one of the concepts.”

Jeremy said, as Milk & Honey was a video business, he wanted to give Jonathan a logo that could work in white overlaying video or in black on white. 

“We also wanted to use typography that matches the latest trends to create a modern feel, without losing on readability so chose Moret as the top line typeface, because semi-serifs is where it's at right now for a balance of modern and sophisticated, and letters spaced all caps Stolzl on the secondary text. 

“Finally, balance was important. An ampersand separated business name with differing word lengths will always have some aspect of imbalance to it, but we mitigated that by not capitalising the words. The hanging ‘y’ also creates a visually interesting distraction from the slight asymmetry and connects the second line of text with the top.

“By starting with a strong logo silhouette, it gives Jonathan options in future to diversify his colour palette without the logo relying on colour for its identity,” Jeremy said.

The new website was a team effort with Customer Success Team Leader and Events Coordinator Chantal Gellert leading the website design with Jeremy’s help and Storyteller Kyra Piccione working with Jonathan on content creation.

Jonathan said he was really happy and appreciated the time the Rocketspark team put into the design, content and logo.

“I love how clean it is, yet there’s lots going on. And I had no idea you were going to write so much content. You’ve all gone way beyond what I expected. I'm really loving this new logo,” he said.