Website clients: Finding your first and how to get more

So you’re a Rocketspark design partner, but you’re having trouble making the leap to web. You’ve stuck your toe in the water, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to dive in. We get it: making the leap to web can be daunting! I mean, how do you get website clients when you’ve never actually built a website?? In this blog post, we look at the WHY and HOW of getting website clients, so you can expand into website design with total confidence.


There’s real value in becoming a one-stop shop

No doubt, you’re a pro in your chosen trade—a hotshot graphic designer, an ace marketer, a crack business coach. But in order to build an entire website for a client, you might feel like you need to become a jack-/jill-of-all-trades. Scary prospect, sure, but don’t be put off.

Why not? Because becoming a one-stop shop is totally worth it. It all boils down to consistency. Most freelancers know the all-too-familiar feeling of putting their heart and soul into doing great work for a client, only for it to wind up on a website that doesn’t really work. They didn’t get what you had in mind. But when you are the one building the website, you can make sure your vision is carried through from start to finish. Ultimately, that gives your client a brand that’s more consistent, coherent, and compelling.

There’s no need to be scared (we’ve got your back)

Still, you might have misgivings. You see yourself as creative, intelligent, knowledgeable...but tech-savvy? Not so much. If that’s you, building and maintaining a website might feel too hard. But it’s not beyond you, because it’s not beyond us—and we’re right behind you.

As a Rocketspark design partner you can branch out into web design with complete confidence. An established global company with thousands of clients is standing right behind you. That means that, even if your freelance business is in its infancy, you’re able to offer resources and support far more sophisticated and robust than you could on your own. We’re your safety net. So spread your wings, little birdy, and fly.


Be proactive (no, I don’t mean cold-calling)

Don’t be passive. You don’t have to sit back with fingers crossed and just hope the clients will start rolling in. Granted, growing a freelance business can be slow-going, but there are ways to set up your business so that leads come to you. People are on the look-out for freelance graphic designers and other marketing professionals, so it’s just a matter of letting them know you exist. Check out our blog posts on using blogs and social media to promote your business.

Build your own website with Rocketspark

Or why not build your own website using Rocketspark? It’ll give you a test-run using our platform (with zero pressure) and, at the end, you’ll have the beginnings of your web portfolio. Your website will serve as a showcase for what you can do. And we’ll make it worth your while: as a valued design partner, you get a 50% discount when you build your site with us. If interested, get in touch with us.

Pitch your web services to existing clients

Your existing clients are an excellent starting point. It may be, for instance, that you’ve already designed a client’s logo and branding, but their website needs a makeover. Now’s the time to take your relationship to the next level by offering to revamp their website. They’re already big fans of your work, so there’s every chance they’ll say yes. And for most clients, being able to use the same designer for everything is a big plus.

Do your first website for free

The first is always the hardest. But you can make your maiden web-build easier by offering to do it for free. It’s win-win: your client gets a website gratis, and you get an example site. Once you’ve got one done n’ dusted, you can use that to attract more clients.

Don’t be shy—be loud and proud about your web services!

If you don’t market yourself as a web designer then nobody will know. So go on: list web design on your website and social media. Yep, that’ll take guts, but this little risk could lead to a big reward. Besides, there’s really no reason to worry, because you’ve got us on your team. We’re here to help.

Conclusion: You can get (more) web design clients

Seeking to attract web design clients might take you out of your comfort zone. Getting out of said comfort zone will, by definition, feel a little uncomfortable. But the great thing about partnering with Rocketspark is that you have web-experts (i.e., us) who are 100% on your side.

To get (more) web clients, remember:

  • Be proactive
  • Consider doing your first website for free
  • Build your own website on Rocketspark
  • Pitch your web services to existing clients
  • Openly promote your web services

So what are you waiting for? Go and get ‘em. By offering everything, including web, you’ll be the only designer your clients ever need.