Meet the team driven by customer success

When you need a helping hand with your website, who ya gonna call? The Rocketspark Customer Success team, of course! Our amazing Customer Success (CS) team is made up of Chantal Gellert, Stephanie Hay, Summer Gunn and Olivia Bennett.

Our CS team have got our customers' back for any issues as the first port of call, they are constantly learning so they can share the best advice and they're our best teachers for customers learning new product features.

Chantal is the team’s fearless leader, she’s been with Rocketspark for just over two and half years now. She does her best to make sure our customers have everything they need by providing fast, helpful advice while going above and beyond to make our customers feel supported. On top of that, she also sorts out the logistics for all of our events. 

Outside of work, Chantal loves getting away to anywhere there is water.

“I love the water, it’s my happy place and I feel at peace. I could sit at the water’s edge or swim all day. My Grandparents have a lake house down at Lake Tarawera where I first visited when I was only a month or so old, it quickly became my favourite place,” she said.

Stephanie Hay has been at Rocketspark since June 2020. She was hired just after lockdown when the team realised we needed to expand as our customers were needing more help online. 

On top of her Customer Success role, Steph is also leading a new partner based project for Rocketspark called Rocketspark Academy, it’s still in the works so keep an eye out for it.

When Steph first started, she worked the night shift from 2pm until 11pm. She was given access to the work Spotify playlist on one of her first shifts.

“I didn't realise that what I would play at night would start playing when everyone would come into work in the morning. Everyone now knows me for my 'interesting' taste in music and EDM Friday night playlists that get me through the night.”

Steph now tries to find the most 'out there' song that she can on a Friday night to wake everyone up on a Monday morning.

Outside of work she enjoys painting and crafting with whatever she can find, “if it's edible - even better!”.

Summer Gunn is one of the newest Customer Success team members, starting just over a month ago. Summer is also a part time student at the University of Waikato finishing an Engineering Certificate. She has previously graduated with a Certificate in Science from Wintec. 

“I never intended to study, but due to having two ACL surgeries over the last two years due to football injuries, I needed to find something to do while I couldn't work. I found a Rocketspark job opportunity through student job search and that's how I ended up here.

“I'm surprised about how welcoming the Rocketspark team is. I never thought I would have had the chance to be able to sit next to or down with the CEO of a company so casually, and get to know them. Our Head of Partnerships, Jason Tiller, has made me laugh the whole way through my time here so far and it was good to have already known someone in the team before I started, developer Lewis Villavicencio.”

Summer enjoys her sport and being active outside of work. She plays football, takes time to be creative, loves going to the beach and spending time with her family and friends. Her favourite thing to do though, is “eat lots of yummy food”. 

Even though she has only been here for one month, Summer already has some favourite work moments.

“My favourite work story is definitely attending the Waipa Network Business Awards going up on stage twice was really cool. It was awesome to see everyone's hard work pay off and have the opportunity to be a part of it. Getting my first good feedback from a customer the other week was a highlight too and also, Fei’s (our Customer Marketing Manager) cheesecake was up there with the best moments,” Summer said.

Olivia Bennett is the newest member of the Customer Success team, having only been working part time at Rocketspark for just over two weeks.

“I had a pretty unique introduction to the Rocketspark team, my first day was at the celebrated Launch event! It was super exciting to get thrown in the deep end and get fully immersed in the Rocketspark way of doing things. 

“I was happily surprised and super excited to be part of such an inviting and high energy team. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds here at Rocketspark and what shenanigans are to be had,” Olivia said.

Outside of work Olivia studies full time. She’s in her fourth/Honours year at The University of Waikato studying towards a Bachelor of Management Studies, majoring in Marketing and Strategic Management.

“Getting stuff done for uni is occupying a lot of my time! Outside of that, I enjoy spending time with friends and seeing my family up at the family bach in Cooks Beach. I enjoy cooking, much to my flatmates' disgust, and enjoy staying fit through regularly running and going to Les Mills classes. I love getting stuck into the outdoors, going for walks, getting out on the boat and exploring our stunning country,” Olivia said.

Keep an eye out for our ‘meet the marketing team’ write up coming to our blog soon!