Side hustle takes off during Covid

Australian Design Partner floating on cloud nine thanks to bubbling business

Australian based Rocketspark Design Partner, Jess Golding, started a side hustle business that took off thanks to Covid and a bubbly attitude.

Jess started Bubble Marketing back in 2018, but really kicked it off in 2020, due to Covid. The bubbly entrepreneur designed her own website with Rocketspark using her Bitmoji because, she said, “I wanted bubble to be a fun brand and nothing too serious”.

Back in 2019, Jess was working with a few clients that wanted new, or updated, websites. She said she had no idea where to start so she started Googling. That’s when she sent an enquiry to Rocketspark and Jason Tiller, Head of Partnerships, called her back. Jess has now been a Rocketspark Design Partner since early 2020 and she has already reached Silver Partner status.

She started Bubble Marketing as a side hustle, but in March 2020 she was stood-down from her full-time role, due to Covid, and knew a lot of small businesses that needed help getting online. 

“I guess it happened naturally. I needed a side-hustle to keep me busy during the day, and I saw a market that needed help,” she said.

That market was, of course, small businesses with owners that weren’t tech-savvy and didn't have huge marketing budgets. 

Jess said the business grew organically from there. Bubble Marketing now builds websites and helps get businesses set up on social media.

Bubble also creates content, helps people with their branding and transitioning their business online. 

“Most of the work I do is quite simple. It’s about making sure the business is set up on Google, their email address isn't a hotmail.com email, making sure they own their domain name and have all their logins in one place, pivoting businesses from cash in-store to online with integrations like Rezdy, getting them set up with Paypal and making sure that what we can automate we do automate. 

“Above all, making sure that this is all done for a reasonable price. I have clients that pay me a monthly fee to manage all their projects and clients that pay me a one-off fee to build their websites,” Jess said.

Jess said she didn't think her business would grow as quickly as it has. 

“Thanks to Rocketspark, I am able to help so many different businesses, which keeps things interesting. Being the competitive person I am, I have that Gold Partner goal in mind, but being a Silver Partner in under a year is quite a cool achievement, so I am proud of that,” Jess said.

Jess is now back to full-time work outside of her business, turning it back into her side-hustle. 

“One of my favourite things outside of work is running Bubble. I have a full-time job as well as running this business, keeps me crazy busy, but I love it. I also race karts, love to read and ride my road bike. I guess you could say, I love keeping my mind busy and my body fit,” she said.

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