SEO made so easy, you can do it yourself

Jono Viviani, Estimator at Summit Windows and Doors, an Auckland based company that built its own website, said the new Rocketspark feature, Flint, had been great as they didn’t really have any experience in SEO. 

Jono studied Marketing and Business Management at the University of Waikato before he started his job at Summit Windows and Doors. While he was at university, he came across Rocketspark in one of his digital marketing classes and loved how easy it was to use.

“When I started working at Summit, the website didn’t look that good, so, even though it’s not really my role, I asked if I could have a go at fixing it up.”

Jono’s boss was happy for him to build a new website using software he already knew, Rocketspark. But with business as usual, it became a background project and the website remained on a different platform, until lockdown.

“During lockdown it was hard to do what we normally do, so I had time to just jump on and do the website full time. 

“I chose Rocketspark because making a website alone is hard, but Rocketspark makes it really easy, and having Flint as well just makes it a level above all other website builders, because SEO is really hard.”

But hold on, what exactly is Flint? You might ask. Flint is a suite of SEO tools built from the ground up by the Rocketspark team, exclusively for Rocketspark customers. Flint will help you optimise your website for search engines like Google. You can use Flint to help set-up your Rocketspark website in a way that Google likes, or to improve the SEO of an existing Rocketspark site. 

There’s a range of aspects to SEO, and Google looks at over 200 ranking factors. Flint helps you get set up with some of the most important ones like meta title, meta description, keyword-rich on-page content and more.

Jono said if you made a website live it was easy to think, “cool, it’s out there, people will find it, but that’s not the case, there’s more work to do. It can get buried under pages and pages on Google if you don’t set it up right.

“That’s where Flint has been really good, especially for people who don’t know, like me, and especially in businesses like the one I work in.”

Jono said the main benefit was that it had step by step easy instructions on how to set up and integrate keywords into their website to optimise SEO results.

“I didn’t know anything about SEO setup before, and Flint just made it really simple, which is awesome because the simpler it is, the more it makes sense to the average Joe.”

Jono said the company's previous website was a single page site and no one really did anything with it. He said they hadn’t set up Google Analytics or tracked any of the old sites statistics because no one had been bothered or they didn’t have the time and know-how.

“The website we had cost us a lot and we weren’t able to edit it. It took at least a month to get any changes made on it and we just had no control.”

That meant he, unfortunately, didn’t have any statistics to compare the new one too, but he believed it was doing a lot better.

“I know it’s working because we’re all linked up to Google Analytics now and when we look at the site traffic it’s doing really well. 

“It’s an industry where the majority of people aren’t really phased about this stuff, because word of mouth has been king for so long, but this is a whole new avenue that people look at. And if you don’t have an online presence or they can’t find you then you’re losing customers before they’ve even heard of you.”

Jono said they had a good amount of repeat website visitors every month, and they were people who would most likely eventually call or come into the store.

“I put a ‘get a quote form’ on the website about eight months ago and we’ve already had over 100 leads from that. That might not seem like a lot, but it’s more than we would have got without the website and those leads alone pay for the cost of the website.”

Jono said none of those leads would have come through without Flint, because he wouldn’t have known how to make them searchable without it.

“It’s really been something we’ve raved to other companies and friends about. It helped us with initial set up so that we had a head start on Google, and helped us look professional from the start.”

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