Rocketspark’s wonder women

We are a tech company and half of our staff are women! That’s right, you read correctly. 

So, for this year’s International Women’s Day we wanted to introduce you to all of the amazing women who work at Rocketspark. 

Read on to check out a little bit about what our epic wahine do and learn something new about each of the hardworking boss ladies.

Stephanie Hay is one of our Customer Success Specialists. Steph works with our customers directly to answer any questions and try to recommend different approaches to maximise their online presence/store. 

“Something that not everybody knows about me (hitting us with the hard questions here!), I was raised in the beautiful Russell, Bay of islands where my passion for fishing, exploring the outdoors and lawn bowls stemmed from,” she said.

Lara Villavicencio is a developer here at Rocketspark. Her job entails testing and coding new features on our platform. 

“I work mostly on the frontend, implementing areas that users see and interact with, from fonts, colours to buttons and dropdown menus. I work closely with other developers and designers, making sure that we provide great looking content and the best user experience.”

Lara said being a developer involved a lot of problem solving which could be challenging at times, but it was very rewarding to see customers use the features that the whole team worked hard on. 

“When I was younger, I used to join dance competitions. I’ve always been passionate about art and design, if I wasn't a developer, I would've probably pursued a career in Architecture and Interior Design. I also love cinema and videography - the process that happens to make films fascinates me. There’s a few things people won’t know about me!”

Fei Guo is our Customer Marketing Manager, strategies and analysis are big parts of her job. 

“The team said I'm the conductor behind the scenes coordinating our awesome Marketing and Customer Success Team to talk to the world about our brand, engage and support our old and new clients with product features and techniques that can help them to be more successful. To me, it's all about good communication and caring for our people,” Fei said. 

One thing not everyone knows about Fei is that accordion sometimes makes her cry, “in a pleasurable way”. She's also run five half marathons.

Nicole Bowkett is an Intern Web Developer. She helps out with projects which involve using code to develop how the Rocketspark website builder looks and functions.

“Something people might not know is I like to spend time at the beach with friends and family, if I’m not dancing. I did ballet, jazz and contemporary, mainly and did competitions for six years, it was for fun, it was my sport,” she said.

Debby de Gouviea-Rennie is a Marketing and Communications Specialist here.

“I work on social media, event and new feature launch communications, newsletters, website content and more.”

Debby said she does better in smaller groups, (under 20 maybe) than large ones. 

“I get all awkward when there are lots and lots of people in a space. To avoid it, we even had a small wedding, we eloped to Mauritius, we only had four guests,” she said.

Chantal Gellert is our Customer Success Team Lead and Event Coordinator. She leads our customer success team to 5 star customer support, produces content to educate our customers, pushes for feedback from our customers to our product team to help us continue to improve and she takes care of all things to do with event logistics. Chantal is the drive behind Rocketspark events.

“I’m very clumsy. Not everyone knows I have a puppy, or that I started a little side business providing backdrops and signs to hire for events. The business is still very new and developing since it’s just a little side gig (officially launched in October), it’s called The Events Room,” Chantal said.

Petra Riddell is a Junior Graphic Designer here at Rocketspark. She makes a lot of our visual elements, everything from videos, images, to print.

“There’s a few things to choose from that not everyone knows about me! I live on a daffodil farm, I am currently obsessed with avocados and feta, and I like long-distance running,” Petra said.

Kyra Piccione is the newest member of our team, she is our resident Storyteller. Kyra writes a lot of our customer focused copy and conducts our interviews to keep all of you up to date with our latest news.

“Not everyone knows that I listen to the Hamilton Broadway Musical - Mixed Tape every morning on the way to work, it hypes me up. I could probably perform a one woman show of the whole thing, it wouldn’t be great, but I’d know the words. I'm also book obsessed, I love the smell of them,” she said.

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