The Digital Pop-up Shop launched in Hamilton’s CBD to rave reviews!

What went down and where will it go next?

We did it! The first Digital Pop-up Shop launched in Hamilton’s CBD at the end of November 2020. The week-long event equipped 151 local businesses with powerful digital skills and knowledge for better, easier business in 2021. We’re beyond proud to report the outcomes The Digital Pop-up Shop achieved for our local business community, especially after a year that has asked so much of them.

The week that was, in numbers:

  • 19 x free seminars, 11 x workshops, over 5 days
  • 151 businesses attended 317 sessions
  • 11 local experts, 41 hours of teaching, 5 key areas covered
  • 42.5 hours of a free drop-in website and marketing help-desk
  • 29 businesses supported with goods-in-kind and 100’s of hours of effort 

“Great event - very valuable for learning, networking etc. I love the short sharp events that were easy to fit into a work schedule.”  Attendee review

Powerful lessons from 5 key areas were covered:

Amélie Hendrickx

Winner of AUT’s Business Pitch of the Year 2020, and owner of Makeup tutorial business Amélie’s.

Amélie Hendrickx - Winner of AUT’s Business Pitch of the Year 2020, and owner of Makeup tutorial business Amélie’s.

A finished website, a strong accounting plan and social media up and running in under a week!

As the Soda Inc Co-Starters winner for Business Pitch of the Year, Amélie (sponsored attendance) came to The Digital Pop-Up Shop armed with a strong plan for a unique business and a desire to learn and implement as much as possible. Read what Amelie said about the event to understand how she was able to finish her website and leave with a strong accounting plan and social media firing in under a week! 

Amélie reviews the Website Workshop by Rocketspark

"It was very hands on, multiple people to help me out and show me how to do things. It made me feel empowered over the design of my website. I walked away with a finished homepage layout and more."

Amélie reviews the Social Media Workshop by Make Social Click

"Fun, engaging and hands on too. I walked away with the tools to be able to break my content into bite sized info, as well as a better understanding of social algorithms and analytics. Kendyl is super approachable and it was awesome to get direct feedback on something as simple as your Instagram description."

The Finance workshop by CFO4U

"Julian from CFO4U brought so much energy to his 'Understanding Finance for small businesses' seminar. He made finances feel dynamic which is hard to do. He was spot-on as far as where the pain points are for a small business and he made me see the importance of understanding my numbers rather than just passing them on to my accountant. He also showed that there is help available which I did not know."

“Amassing our shared brain power in order to get our soon-to-be-launched site in top shape, made all the easier thanks to the team at Rocketspark.” Sam Dakin (sponsored attendee) via @athletecommunitylink.

151 local businesses empowered for improvement in 2021

Duncan Brough | stuff.co.nz

Pamella Ariestia | escapist.co.nz

Aileen Carlisle | Hamilton City Council

Rocketspark CEO, Grant Johnson reflects on the Digital Pop-Up Shop as a great success

“It’s amazing when you see the list of supporters that said YES to helping businesses in the region up skill in digital. The supporters provided free signage and printing, free newspaper advertising and great reporting, free venue spaces, free members newsletters, free chairs and tables (a loaner!), free digital campaign management, free tasty drinks and an amazing contribution of time and energy from all the speakers who contributed (see full list below). We were pretty nervous as to whether anyone would turn up to receive the goodness at such a busy time of year, in such a crazy year where planning gatherings is risky business. It was so cool to see the nods, smiles and learnings implemented along the way. Ngā mihi nui.”

So, where to in 2021? You tell us!

We’ve done it once and we’d love to do it again. If you think your local business community would benefit from The Digital Pop-Up Shop please: 

Submit your name, email and location here.