Tracking Made Easy with Tag Manager + Rocketspark

Easily link with Analytics and Tag Manager from a Rocketspark website

With Rocketspark's easy-to-use website builder, it's quick to set up a direct link to Analytics and Tag Manager. How?

  1. Simply paste your Analytics and/or Tag Manager tracking ID (UA or GTM code) into the Rocketspark website you wish to track (you don't need to hard code).
  2. Once Analytics and/or Tag Manager is linked with the Rocketspark website you wish to track, you can go ahead and set up the tracking in Tag Manager.

Tracking options

1. Event tracking

You get event tracking by default when you connect your Rocketspark website with your Google Analytics account.

With event tracking, you can track the following:

  • Button clicks & File downloads
  • Slideshow clicks
  • Image clicks
  • Email form “sends”

More advanced options like tracking 'tap to call' and 'mail to' can be done through Google Tag Manager.

How to add Google Tag Manager tracking to a website.

2. Ecommerce Tracking 

Google Analytics allows businesses to track and measure the number of transactions, total revenue, each product revenue and the number of specific products sold through an online store. We have integrated this feature into every Rocketspark online store as a way to help improve a stores digital marketing ROI.

You're also able to turn on Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting if you want to track product page views, product impressions, product clicks, and checkout process. For more set-up information, refer to our Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce help guide.

NOTE: This feature is recommended for use by digital experts or advertising agencies. 

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