A Kiwi Original—a BuyNZMade Podcast

Beautifully simple ecommerce websites NZ

Kiwis are DIY’ers and that often applies to websites too. Rocketspark makes websites fun again and our CEO Grant Johnson shares how the restrictions of Covid-19 has resulted in a resurgence in businesses wanting to reflect what 2020 Kiwi consumers expect, the customer stories that speak to the impact Rocketspark has been having and why Rocketspark gets a kick out of helping business owners have a better life.



  • Using lockdown to focus on marketing and website development. 
  • The productivity that digital brings and the scheduled ordering feature Rocketspark built for takeaway ordering businesses.
  • Nick at Elspeth bakery and selling out a whole day’s bake in less than two hours thanks to ecommerce and the pipeline certainty that has helped his sisters bakery reduce waste.
  •  Connecting up with delivery systems, stock management, book-keeping and online booking to make digital more than just a brochure.
  • Setting up Timely for better bike scheduling at a bike repair store. 
  • The importance of storytelling with digital and how technology can actually be simple.
  • Riding the wave of manufacturers going direct to consumer and what’s happening overseas during Covid.
  • What Grant Johnson saw in New Zealand when we returned to New Zealand and why ecommerce should be a progression of development rather than a massive upfront investment. 
  • Solving more interesting problems as your ecommerce business grows, why capturing the customer insights is so important and the Layby story. 
  • ‘Green valleys not Silicon Valleys’ with the Rocketspark team of 17 hailing from Cambridge, New Zealand. 
  • What attracts software talent to Rocketspark and what keeps them.
  • The talent of New Zealand software developers and how XeroCon is a showcase of what Kiwi software coders are building. 
  • The marketing software stack, the first two SaaS software purchases of Dropbox and Xero… and what Quotient software does for businesses.
  • What’s coming with Rocketspark and the new lightning bolt feature that guides Kiwi businesses by creating the SEO text for you to automate key pain points. 
  • We get techy with search engine optimisation.
  • Helping clients keep search rankings when you’re migrating your site.
  • The rule of seven (or 13?!)
  • The race to digitise and why Rocketspark’s purpose is getting a kick out of having a better life.
  • Hiring more developers as Rocketspark grows through 2020.