The Rocketspark Ecosystem — Part 1: Find more clients

The Rocketspark ecosystem — Part 1: Find more clients

Rocketspark is so much more than just a web builder. These days, we’re an entire community of web professionals. We call it the “Rocketspark ecosystem”, a network that can help you find more clients (if you’re a design partner) or find a web designer (if you’re looking for help with your website).

This post is written for existing and prospective design partners. In it, we explain how the Rocketspark ecosystem can generate more work for your business by connecting you with clients. (Need help designing your website? Our ecosystem can help you with that too. Check out Part 2 of this blog series, written for web customers).

How does the Rocketspark ecosystem work?

We get a lot of enquiries from people wanting us to build a website for their business. Yes, the Rocketspark platform is designed so that pretty much everyone, senior citizens included, can design their own site. But some people want the professional touch—and often they ask us.

Thing is, we don’t accept many custom-build website projects. So what do we do with these enquiries? Instead of giving them a flat “No”, we refer these prospective clients on to our partners. So being a Rocketspark partner can actually bring more work your way. That’s the beauty of the ecosystem.

The magic happens in our partner directory. Anyone who comes to us looking for help with their website is directed to the directory, a searchable list of design partners. The directory allows users to filter their search by country, region, and partner level. There, they can see your logo, company information, examples of your work and, most importantly, make contact with you.

How do you get listed in the directory? By becoming (at least) a bronze partner; all bronze, silver, and gold partners are included. To become a bronze partner, you need to have at least five live client websites through Rocketspark. Find out more about becoming a Rocketspark design partner here.

Conclusion: Find more clients

Joining the Rocketspark partner programme gets you a whole lot more than just a web-building platform; it ushers you into a business-generating network of referrals. Becoming a bronze partner will make you eligible to be included in our partner directory, an exclusive list of preferred partners. Whenever we get an enquiry from somebody in the market for a web designer, we refer them to our directory—and they could connect with you. That’s just one benefit of becoming a Rocketspark design partner, but there are heaps more. Click here to find out how our partner programme can elevate your business to the next level—and how to get started.