Single use per customer coupon: Boost sales and reward your loyal customers

Have you ever wanted to run a promotion for your online store on social media or with a mass email blast using the same discount coupon code, where recipients can only use it once? Now you can!

Coupons are a great way to motivate or reward select customers by offering special discounts and we’re thrilled to be able to add another type of coupon to the mix. 

With Rocketspark’s ecommerce website builder, you have the choice to create a Single use per customer coupon (new), a Single-use coupon that you’d share with a specific customer or more limited audience or a Multi-use coupon for anyone to use multiple times. You also have the option to limit a coupon to a specific category, tag, or brand.

Share one coupon code out on social media and in email newsletters

What’s all the fuss about the new Single use per customer coupon? This new coupon type lets you create just one single coupon code that you can share with a large group of people—and each customer can only use the coupon code once.

This is great for sharing coupon codes out via social media or email newsletters and each recipient can only use the coupon once.

Get more leads with an incentive

Using a golden carrot, in this case a discount code in return for a website viewer’s contact details, is a simple way to convert them to your customer.

If you’re using email marketing, you can set up an autoresponder email (in email marketing programmes like Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor) that includes a Single use per customer coupon code in the message. So when a new website visitor signs-up to your mailing list from a pop up on your Rocketspark website, they’d automatically be sent an email with a discount code they can redeem—giving you the opportunity to make a sale with the peace of mind that the code is only valid once per customer.

Similarly, if a website visitor abandons their cart during the checkout process in your store, you have an opportunity to get them back to their cart to complete their purchase with an abandoned carts automated email with a discount code that they can redeem just once.

Another way to generate excitement and conversions is with flash sales or end of season sales. In this case, you’d set up a Single use per customer coupon code in Rocketspark, design and add a graphic with that coupon code throughout your website, and also share that coupon code far and wide across all your communication channels.

Single use per customer coupons work smarter with Customer Accounts

When you have Customer Accounts, a feature we’ve included in Rocketspark’s Ecommerce Pro plan—our system picks up if a purchaser has shopped with you before and whether they’ve used that coupon, whether they’re logged-in, or they checkout as a guest.

The Single use per customer coupon has been designed to be redeemed once per customer account, which means you have control over usage—even if the email address has been changed.

Turn occasional customers into regulars with loyalty rewards

Psychologically speaking, love and belonging are at the third level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, with the feeling of accomplishment even higher up the pyramid. So it’s understandable that merchants use social media VIP groups to build relationships, and create a sense of community and loyalty with their customers. Share a single-use per customer coupon in your social media page or VIP group and you’re enticing action from your customers while showing them ‘love’ and providing them with a sense of accomplishment.

With Rocketspark Ecommerce, it's easy to create a Single use per customer coupon—one code that multiple customers can use, just once per person.

By utilising Rocketspark’s integration with Mailchimp Ecommerce it’s easy to thank your high-value customers with a discount when they meet a certain spend criteria. Businesses using this strategy will usually set up an automated email marketing campaign (whether they’re using Mailchimp or another email marketing programme) to activate once the set criteria has been met.

Email marketing with coupons can drive your online sales

A study by Inmar, Inc. found that 82% of consumers use their digital coupons within a week or less and 39% bought a product sooner than planned because of a discount coupon. With Rocketspark’s integration with Mailchimp, it’s easy to get your Single use per customer coupon out to the masses, and boost sales through your Rocketspark store. 

If you don’t already have a Mailchimp account, you can set one up (it’s free, depending on your business needs). Whether you’re an existing Mailchimp user or you’re new to email marketing, it’s easy to connect your Mailchimp account with your Rocketspark store.
All the purchase data (including carts, customer details, orders & product details) from your Rocketspark online store, and any new leads you capture through your newsletter sign-up form on your site will automatically be captured in your Mailchimp account where you can organise them into segments using Tabs, for instance—then sit back and watch the shopping commence...

Subscriptions + Coupons

Single use per customer coupons will only apply to the first order of a subscription. This is great for when you want to incentivise your customers to sign up on a subscription for item/s in your online store over making a single purchase.

If you want to give a discount not only to the first order but also subsequent orders on a subscription, the Multi-use coupon will continue to work until the coupon reaches its end date or it gets deleted by the merchant.

Coupon promotions during times of economic uncertainty

A Claremont Graduate University Study showed that not only are people who get a coupon happier, they also experience less anxiety.

Coupons, when used thoughtfully, can help businesses connect with new customers, discourage cart abandonment, increase brand loyalty and encourage positive consumer emotions, say Digital Marketing Solutions on coupon use and consumer spending. During economic downturns, especially, consumers often prioritise businesses that deliver the best value for their money.

Getting back to ‘business as usual’ after coming out of the pandemic we’ve been facing can be a challenging road, but rest assured that at Rocketspark we’re continuing to work on new features according to what our customers need to enable them to operate more successfully.

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