BizStory Content -- the ultimate wingman

The big picture - how does web content fit?

We totally get a picture is worth a thousand words. But what if you need a thousand and four hundred words to tell your client’s storyYou’re gonna need some words.Words that fit nicely with your work, that complement your website design. Words that speak your client’s language. And words that are written now rather than later.

“I feel the need, the need for speed!” - Top Gun‘Cause let’s face it -- nothing is worse than waiting for a client or someone else to finish writing up the content for your new website. Not only is a job incomplete, but you haven’t been paid your final 25%-50%.While money isn’t everything, it is important. Name me one person who doesn’t like to get paid for their work. Go on, I dare you.

So what do you do?

You could always push your client to write down the words. I mean, it’s their story -- should be easy enough. But most people find the task of writing their story completely daunting. Whether it’s because they are too close to the source material or whether they feel insecure with their story / writing abilities, most clients will not write their own content.There’s always the option of writing down the words yourself, but it’s time consuming and not exactly your forte, right?

Yeah, it’s frustrating -- we’ve been there.

It makes you want to pull your hair out, which might not be such a bad idea if you can sell it as a wig for some quick cash before you finally get paid.Wouldn’t it be great if you never had to chase content again for any of your web projects?

What are your options? Maverick?

Well, if you decide to get someone else to help you write the content, I can give you a pointer as we currently fly with quite a few content pros. One of our regular web content collaborators, BizStory can definitely deliver the goods.They are the ultimate wingman because their pure focus is on making us look good.Content is all they do so we can shine with our beautiful websites that we build for our clients.

“Are you a good pilot? We can hold our own” - Top Gun

BizStory -- High-flying Web Content

BizStory truly embraces the wingman mentality. They know their work is a reflection of your work. They know if you succeed, they will succeed.You can count on them to write some great content through their BizStory Web Content product and you can expect it to be done quickly and professionally.

They take the time to get to know your client so they can speak authentically with their voice.

They are constantly (yet professionally) chasing up your client for more content material.

Honestly, they crave creating content. It’s in their DNA.

And most of all, they treat your client as your client. You never have to fear that they are going to swoop in and steal your client while you have gone to the bathroom. They are actually a perfect example of a business wingman.They back you up, through and through. Like a real maverick.
Want some high flying web content? Jump on www.bizstorycontent.co.nz and book your content flight with them.

You should be the first in your local region to try out your new wingman.
“Remember there is no room for 2nd place” - Top Gun