Assault Boardriding Centre: We’ve increased our sales & had lots of online enquiries—switching to Rocketspark was a no brainer.

If you’re local to, or you’ve ever visited Mt Maunganui, New Zealand, you’ve probably heard of Assault Boardriding Centre. They’ve been around since forever and have a passion like nothing else for all boardriding sports.

For a long time the Assault team ran their successful business on the wave of a great reputation, dominating the market with their friendly instruction and down-to-earth expertise. They also had their physical shop in Mt Maunganui and were active on social media.
Glenn and his team wanted to take their brand further and offer their services and artistry to the whole nation. They knew that the best way to do that was with a great e-commerce website, somewhere that customers and potential customers could visit, in their own time, whether they wanted to shop online, send an enquiry, book a lesson or a tour or just get more information about the Company.
So around a year ago, Glenn started building a website himself. Unfortunately with limited support it wasn’t going that well and all the effort he had put in was to no avail. Glenn still needed a good website, and being actively involved in running the day-to-day operations of his business, he didn’t have a lot of free time to dedicate to the website design process, he needed someone to take care of the set-up for him.

​You got help from a Rocketspark Design Partner, tell us more.

I had first heard about Rocketspark through recommendations.

Liz Webb from LW Creative is a kitesurfer and also a client of Assaults, having been on a tour with us to the Cook Islands. Liz’s hubby, Matt Webb, is also a great kitesurfer and a client of Rocketspark (Floorboards Flooring Store).

After chatting more with Liz about the features that a Rocketspark website could offer, the decision to move across was a no brainer. We chose Liz to help with our website because she was familiar with Rocketspark’s website builder, (she’s a Rocketspark Design Partner) and was already using the platform with great results.

Getting help from a Rocketspark Design Partner meant we could continue our daily business activities, doing what we love to do. Once the website was live, Liz spent about an hour training us on how to update it and gave us access to a training video—so easy.
Online sales started to take off and we added more products to the shop. With a growing catalogue of products and a bigger workload, we hired a website manager to take care of processing orders, creating new design banners and adding, removing stock etc.

What are the stand-outs in your story?

We were really impressed with the team at Rocketspark because they’re super helpful, they know their stuff, and they have a great attitude and are just easy to deal with.

The platform itself has outstanding features. We were impressed with how clean the design of our website looks and how simple it is to navigate—for our customers and for us.

Tell us about some of the features you’re using on your website.

A feature we’ve used a lot is 'forms'. As bookings are part of our business, we’ve created basic forms for booking lessons and for sending enquiries. For more elaborate, detailed forms like international tour bookings, we’ve embedded JotForms onto our Rocketspark website.

See more about add-ons here.

Our designer also suggested we connect our online shop (ecommerce website) with Layby to offer buy now, pay later to help make things more affordable for our customers.

With help from Liz, we have now achieved what we wanted to, with lots more in the pipeline. We have an awesome looking ecommerce website that we’re really proud of, and it’s already translated into results, with an increase in sales and lots of online enquiries.

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