New Rocketspark features & refinements - Aug' 2013

New Rocketspark features & refinements - Aug' 2013

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve launched the latest version of Rocketspark.  This new version introduces some great new features plus many refinements based on your feedback.

Check out what’s new

LinkedIn and Pinterest integrated

We’ve made it easy to integrate these two social networks into your Rocketspark site.

LinkedIn is a business oriented social networking site.  Connect your website with your organisation’s LinkedIn page to make it easy for your visitors to connect with you and share your website to their own network.

If you have something highly visual to share with your audience Pinterest is a social network you should check out at www.pinterest.com.

A brand new text editor with page linking built in

We’ve integrated a brand new text editor into Rocketspark.  The text editor is the tool you use to edit your text – easy!  A key feature of this new text editor is that it makes it much easier to create text links to other pages on your site or to external websites.

Blog home page summaries

To help draw people into your content we’ve redesigned the blog landing page. 

When someone clicks the blog button to visit your blog they will see a summary of your blog post and be invited to read more.  The new design makes it quicker to skim the post summaries and identify a blog post you wish to read.

Download file button redesigned

We’ve redesigned the file download button so that it looks more like something you should click and its now consistent with the design of your buttons.

Obfuscation of email addresses displayed on your site

This sounds really techy but its easy to understand. We generally recommend using an email form to receive enquiries to stop your email address being collected by spammers using software called spam bots or web crawlers to harvest email addresses so that they can send you junk email. However, some clients still prefer to display an email address to make it easier and more personal to be contacted by email.

What we’ve done is automatically apply a special treatment called obfuscation to email addresses listed on your website. The email address will just look normal but obfuscation makes it more difficult for your email address to be harvested by software.

Better spacing between button/file download blocks

Some clients cleverly use button blocks in groups of two or more blocks.  With this new refinement the gap between button blocks has been reduced so that when button blocks are placed above each other there won’t be a big gap in between.  The same treatment applies if two or more file download blocks are placed above each other.


New big (H1) heading block

One of the more popular requests we received was for a large heading.  So, we’ve created the big heading block, which allows you to create a big heading that is independent of any standard text block.

Headings on a page have different rankings of importance from H1, H2, H3 etc.  The big heading is categorised as an H1.  The headings are an important signpost for search engines such as Google so its important to only use one H1 per page.

New stack - a line

Yes that’s all, a line. Its a simple way to break up a page into areas of content to make the page easier to read and browse quickly.  We sometimes use lines on design & build sites so we decided to add a line as a standard feature for all.


Many more small refinements

There are lots more smaller refinements which you’ll also enjoy including:

  • Small fixes to improve the experience of people using Internet Explorer 10
  • iPad support - you can now add and edit text on an iPad
  • Gallery and slideshow now allow multiple file uploads in one hit so you don’t need to wait for each file to upload.
  • Modern browsers now show a preview while the image is uploading
  • Plus lots of minor usability fixes

As always please keep the feedback coming in. We do listen and act on your feedback!

Kind regards,

The Rocketspark Team