The importance of a good web design brief

With anything in life, focus is a really important attribute to have in making things work effectively and reach their potential. The same is true when it comes to designing and developing websites. Having the ability to focus on the key parts of your site, the things that make you and your organisation unique and the goals you have for your site will allow you to be more deliberate in all aspects of design and development.

Every business is different so that's why it's important to get a website that is the right fit for your business.  A good design brief helps your web designer understand what makes your business unique so it can be highlighted throughout your new website.

At Rocketspark we have developed a briefing questionnaire that helps us better understand your organisation and your needs for a website.  

Check out the Rocketspark website design brief here.

Often when businesses tell a web designer what they want in a website, the conversations tend to focus on colours, pictures and visual things.  This is like only considering the colour of a car, not the handling, acceleration and fuel economy.

Although the visual aspects are very important for increasing trust and legitimacy and shouldn't be neglected, it's also important to think about the messages you're wanting to put out to visitors and how you can persuade them to stay on your site longer and become more likely to make contact with you or buy from you. That is why the Rocketspark design brief also focusses on questions about your business and what you're wanting to achieve with your website beyond just making it look nice.

The Rocketspark design brief can be used to tell us about your website requirements for us to design your site for you or you can use it to focus in on how you want to design your site using the Rocketspark DIY system.