New feature - Rocketspark online shops now connect with Xero

Xero vs the spreadsheet - the earlier days

We started using Xero as our accounting system in early 2012 and prior to that we used an Excel spreadsheet.  As a former accountant (just 1 year duration!) I'd learnt a fair bit about Excel spreadsheets and as a cash strapped startup we didn't see the value in splashing out on expensive software that would be tied to one computer.

With our Excel accounting method I could create a monthly set of accounts that my co-founders could all access via a spreadsheet saved in dropbox.  

A need for efficiency

As our business grows, any areas of inefficiency become exaggerated.  The Excel spreadsheet method, although reasonably automated with the use of pivot tables, was quite time consuming at tax time.  With Xero we could bring our accounts into an online system that can be accessed from anywhere, is more automated due to direct bank statement feeds and there is generally just much less room for error.

We found Xero a delight to use and preparing GST (NZ) and VAT (UK) returns plus year end accounts across two companies and multiple bank accounts has become much easier.  

Connecting the Rocketspark online shop with Xero

Our integration with Xero started from a point of liking the product.  Xero is really easy and intuitive to use and it felt like they have a focus on ease of use like we have at Rocketspark.   Plus like us they are constantly refining and introducing new features in an iterative fashion.  However, the key rationale was driven by client need.  

Rocketspark is often the first port of call for small and medium sized businesses looking to dip their toe in the water of online selling and what we’ve observed is that as their business grows they look to make their own efficiency gains with processes.  We also knew that we have clients using Xero as their accounting system.  

It was a logical step to make it super easy to connect a Rocketspark website with Xero so that any online sales will be automatically recorded in the client’s accounting system.  A key goal from the outset was to make the process super simple for clients and that is what we’ve achieved.  Connecting your Rocketspark online shop with Xero is really easy to do and there is no need for integration software to sit in between the two systems.

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