New Staff Profile: Matt Elen

Matt Elen is new to the Rocketspark team. Well, sort of. What began last year as a short-term internship has now evolved into a permanent position. So how did he get sucked into staying?

“It’s a cool product,” says Matt. “And it’s a good group of working people with exciting plans for the future—that’s why I stayed.” And we’re mighty glad he did. Despite still just being a whippersnapper, Matt brings a wealth of experience to the role, having started building websites in his high school days in Tauranga and further honing his programming prowess by studying computer science at Waikato Uni. He’s got great chops in the newest web technologies, including HTML5 and CSS3. That means our professional package customers are getting the latest and greatest.

But you won’t find Matt tethered to his computer round the clock. He dabbles in a bit of cooking, helming the kitchen some weekends at his former hall of residence. He also volunteers a day a week for Word of Life, a Christian ministry geared at youth. And when he really wants to get away from it all he heads for Ohope with his tent. “Beachy, chilled, relaxed,” is how he describes his ideal holiday. “And leaving the computer behind.”