New Staff Profile: Jordan Foster

Here at Rocketspark we’ve had designs on getting a new designer. (Pun intended.) Which is why we’re chuffed to welcome a brand new designer to the team: Jordan Foster.

Jordan comes to us fresh out of doing a graphic design degree at Wintec. His tutor knew we were scouting for somebody with serious design sense and so put him in touch with us. Turns out, we liked him and he liked us. “I just get along with them real well,” says Jordan. “They’re really nice guys.” His role requires that he be a jack-of-all-design-trades, working on everything from small tweaks through to helping with the big professional sites. “It’s so hard to find to a job where you have so much freedom in your first year out of Wintec.”

But design is more than a job for Jordan—it’s a passion. He’s able to give his creativity free reign on his own fledgling clothing line, Boneless Clothing. He started the label at high school, inspired by skate and surf scene. “I really enjoy the culture around that—not just the skating and surfing but also the art of it. The lifestyle appeals to me too: relaxed.”