Xero user? Online shop? Free website? Join our pilot!

Are you a Xero user in the UK? Want to start selling online?  Join our Xero pilot.

In December 2013 we launched the integration of our online shop integration with Xero.  With a few clicks it is now possible to connect a Rocketspark online shop with Xero so that invoices for online sales are automatically created in Xero.  Customer records and new products are also automatically created in Xero.  

Rocketspark has been approved by Xero as an e-commerce add on partner in New Zealand we’re now looking to pilot our Xero add-on functionality in other markets and become an approved e-commerce add on partner around the world.  

What is the pilot?

We need to show Xero that Rocketspark works well in other markets.  The pilot is simple:

  1. Make an online shop website with Rocketspark
  2. Connect your site with your Xero account
  3. Start selling online
  4. Provide feedback on any issues (we tested it all on the kiwis first so should be fine!)

Benefits of the pilot?

  1. You’ll experience the beautiful simplicity of Rocketspark to make your own website
  2. You’ll have a seamless link between your online shop and your accounting system
  3. We’ll provide extra hands on advice and guidance
  4. We’ll provide a Rocketspark website plan at no cost for 6 months.  See our UK pricing

Who can apply to be part of the pilot?

The criteria for applying to be part of the pilot are:

  1. You are based in the UK
  2. You are a Xero user
  3. You will be selling online with the online shop you create with Rocketspark
  4. You are a legitimate business