New Feature: Vend Point-of-Sale Integration

Fish & chips. Jeans & t-shirt. Kate & Wills. Some things are better together. And we think Rocketspark & Vend is set to become another great combo. Our brand new integration with Vend point-of-sale software allows you to combine your online and in-store sales into one streamlined system. 

What is Vend?

Vend is point-of-sale software that lets you say “bye-bye” to your cash register. With Vend, you can manage your point-of-sale, inventory and customer loyalty programme all from your desktop, laptop or tablet. It’s efficient, slick and, above all, easy. If you like the idea of ditching the till and doing your point-of-sale from an iPad, then Vend might just be your cup of tea.

Vend + Rocketspark = multichannel for small business

One of the big-buzz trends in big business right now is “multichannel”. Multichannel retailing means providing a cohesive, hassle-free experience for customers across all channels, like online and in-store retail. Problem is, creating systems that integrate multiple retail channels can be expensive stuff—way out of the price range of your average small business. That’s what makes our Vend integration so exciting. It means affordable multichannel retailing for small business. By combining sales from your online store (Rocketspark) with your brick-and-mortar shop (Vend), you’re able to provide your customers with the kind of seamless, first-class service normally reserved for the big boys.

Features of Vend integration

Connect Rocketspark and Vend in two minutes

Linking your Rocketspark and Vend accounts is simple. We’ve used all the latest and greatest technology to ensure that you can connect them without breaking a sweat. We’ve done the hard yards so you don’t have to.

Set up your online shop easy-peasy

No online shop yet? No worries. Just click one button and—bing, bang, boom!—your Vend products are automatically uploaded to Rocketspark. Go grab a coffee, come back and (after 5-30 minutes) your products are sitting ready in your online shop.

Manage one inventory, not two

Keeping track of inventory is effortless. If you sell out of an item in-store, this will be automatically and instantly reflected in your online store. No “double selling” limited stock.

Updates at one end are automatically applied to the other

Rocketspark and Vend love to talk to each other. That means you can edit a product in Rocketspark and it’ll automatically update in Vend (and vice versa). No need to update products twice.

Specify “online only” product updates

Products that aren’t available in-store can easily be made “online only”. This product will only appear online and won’t sync with Vend.

Track online sales from your Vend account

Online sales are automatically sent to Vend, so you can conveniently track all sales from your Vend account. Forget managing sales separately—do it all from one place.

Integrate with Xero

Got Xero for accounting? Vend’s Xero integration means all your sales, online and in-store automatically show up in Xero.