Which design package is best for me? Startup or Professional?

At Rocketspark, we love it when people design and build their own websites using our super easy website builder but we do get people who want us to design and build them something a little more custom or who are too busy to do it themselves. In these cases, we have design packages that will cater to most businesses in need of a new website. The question is, “which is the right package for my business”?

In a nutshell, the main difference between the packages is the level of design. Both deliver an attractive look and feel but the amount of design and the customisation of the design differs for each package.

Startup Package

The Startup package delivers an attractive, basic design, created with the Rocketspark website maker by one of our talented website designers. In the hands of our design team, they are able to create great looking, easy to navigate, simple websites for businesses of any size. They will consider the pathways that visitors to your site will take and make sure that the key messages or aspects of your website are easily accessible and simple to understand.

Using your logo and tagline, setting up a colour scheme that matches your brand and laying out your content we will create a website that matches your brand, creates consistency across all your marketing platforms and provides you an easy to navigate website.

The startup package is great for those in trades, small retail shops, accommodation providers, anyone new to the web and those who want a clean and simple website for their business.

Professional Package

The Professional package delivers a very custom, high end look and feel for those businesses who really want to stand out from the crowd.  If you operate in a competitive industry where there are lots of alternatives for your customers it can be valuable to have that extra polish that sets you apart.  

Similarly, if you operate in a sector where it is important to create an appearance of special quality and attention to detail the professional package will help portray the right impression with a design aesthetic that is more sophisticated and unique  For example, fine dining restaurants, professional services firms such as accountants and lawyers and speciality retailers are good examples of clients who have engaged us to design professional package websites.

Through the design of two totally unique concepts and two through rounds of revision, your business will have a website that is completely custom designed and will showcase your business in the best way possible.  Creating two initial home page concepts enables us to develop a design that truly matches your requirements as you will be able to identify the elements you like from each concept which we’ll then incorporate into your final design.

Once the design look and feel of the site has been signed off on, the website will be custom developed on the Rocketspark website system so you can have a great looking, custom site that is very easy to update in future.

Like to get started?

If either of these packages sound like the type of thing your business is looking for, you can get started by filling out our design brief and one of our account managers will be in touch shortly to further discuss your options.