Bringing a little Rocketspark to Xerocon London

We’re really looking forward to joining Xero again at their flagship event, Xerocon. I bet if you told too many people you were looking forward to a conference about accounting software you may get a few strange looks but Xerocon is a genuinely fun, interesting and worthwhile event.

No ordinary accounting conference

Xero aren’t just focussed on selling their software as they seem to be genuinely focussed on helping accountants and bookkeepers be more successful in their own businesses.

Through a series of engaging speakers and workshops you can get up to speed with the latest in marketing, branding, technology and communications.

So why are we there?

It may seem odd that a website builder is at an accounting conference but the reality is that many of the accountants that attend are keen to learn about how they can help their clients with the latest tools and ideas.

We attended the UK Accounting conference Accountex in 2014 with Xero and I was surprised by how hungry accountants were to learn about how the various tools within the Xero add-on ecosystem can connect together to assist their clients.  In fact, many of the people I spoke to were under pressure from their clients who were coming to them to ask for advice on the various add ons.

It only takes a quick peek at the Xero user forum on LinkedIn to see that many of the questions are from accountants and bookkeepers seeking advice on which add-ons are best suited to a specific client’s needs.

At Xerocon London our focus is going to be on showing visitors not only the Rocketspark website builder but also how Rocketspark connects with various add ons for a really streamlined online presence.  For example, we’ll be showing how easy it is to connect with Vend’s retail point of sale system for a seamless multi channel retail experience perfectly suited for a high street retailer wanting to launch online.  

If you are attending Xerocon please drop by to learn more.  We’ll also introduce you to our advisor programme which is a true win-win for you and your clients.

I look forward to seeing you there.