Rocketspark @ Xerocon 2015: What’s a website builder doing at an accounting conference?

Rocketspark at Xerocon Auckland 2015: What’s a website builder doing at an accounting conference?

It’s a highlight for us and, if you’ve been before, we know it is for you too: the annual Auckland Xerocon. Last year close to 1,000 Xero accountants, add-ons and fanboys/girls came along and this year is set to be bigger than ever, with an outstanding lineup of speakers that includes Bill English (Deputy PM), Victoria Crone (Xero NZ managing director), Gerhard Vorster (Deloitte CSO), Graham Lowe (former NZ rugby league coach), and, of course, Xero’s founder and big kahuna, Rod Drury. Best of all, it’ll be a great chance to catch up with your industry pals in one vibrant, buzzy place all at one time. And while you’re at it, why not squeeze in a visit to the Rocketspark stand? It could make your clients’ lives easier and help them grow faster.

What’s a website builder doing at an accounting conference?

Rocketspark is a website builder, not an accounting firm. So no surprises then that, at Xerocon last year, Rod Drury asked us this doozy: “Why are you at an accounting conference?” Good question, Rod. Good question.

We’re not at Xerocon to primarily to sell websites to accountants. We understand that, as accountants and bookkeepers, your work goes way beyond payroll and tax returns—you’re business advisors too. Introducing clients to useful business tools is a big part of what you do. Rocketspark is one of those tools that can help your clients’ businesses flourish.

Sure, we can suss out a beautiful, easy-to-use website for your clients; building websites is our meat and potatoes. But it goes further than that. Our system harnesses the power of Xero add-ons, which can propel your clients’ businesses to the next level—no matter what kind of business owners they are:

  • In-store and Online Retailers: Our Vend integration lets brick-and-mortar stores expand into online retail with minimal extra effort.
  • Online-Only Retailers: Our Xero integration makes the accounting side of running an online-only business hassle-free.
  • Service Providers and Tradespeople: Our Timely and GeoOp integration makes taking online bookings and managing jobs simple, whether at a fixed location or out on the field.
  • Professionals: Our design-and-build packages are ideal for firms offering professional services, who want a sleek website but don’t have the time to build it themselves with our DIY system.

Our websites work for a wide range of businesses, making us your one-stop shop for clients’ website needs. That’s why you need to know about us—and that’s why we’re at Xerocon!

Get a personal demo of Rocketspark at Xerocon

Our website system is incredibly easy to use; only very basic computer skills are needed. But nothing beats actually trying it out for yourself, so why not come visit our stand while you’re at Xerocon? We’d love to show you our intuitive system and some exciting new features, like our soon to be released, state-of-the-art picture editing tool.

Come see us at Xerocon to get your advisor code

Get your clients a 10% discount off their first year of Rocketspark with an advisor code.  Besides the benefits to them of Xero add-on power, YOU also earn $100+GST per client subscription.

Drop by the Rocketspark stand and we'll give you an advisor code you can pass on to your clients.  See you at Xerocon!