Rocketspark at Xero Summer Camp Webinar

Xero have invited us to present at their Xero Summer Camp

I’ll be demonstrating how easy it is for small business owners to make their own website and harness the benefits of Xero and other Xero add ons on a Rocketspark website. We’ll build a website during the webinar and while building the website I’ll explain 5 essentials of an effective website home page.

To bring the webinar to life we'll do this webinar with a real life business example. Enter your details to apply to get a new website built for you during the webinar plus a one year Rocketspark plan.

For accountants, please feel free to enter a website of a client you think would benefit from undergoing a digital makeover.

Enter your details now to be in to win a new website
Entries close Wednesday 19 July 10am

Also, remember to register for the Rocketspark webinar at Xero summer camp on 20 August at 3pm British Summer Time.

Webinar format
30 mins Webinar + 15 min Q&A

Grant Johnson, co-founder at Rocketspark. Prior to founding Rocketspark I worked in marketing, product development and online roles and my first job was as an accountant.