New Staff Profile: Sam Trimmer - UK Account Manager

We love our new account manager (for the UK), Sam Trimmer. It’s a steep learning curve joining an upstart startup where things develop at breakneck speed. But Sam, well, he just keeps calm and carries on.

It all began when we started making websites for Resco, a social reform organisation, where Sam worked at the time (Resco now have a number of websites that Rocketspark sponsor—check them out www.resco.co.uk). It was through these projects that our UK man on the ground, Grant Johnson, met the go-getter Sam. Later, Grant was looking for an account manager, Sam was looking for a change, the stars aligned and he joined the team. “I already knew Grant really well,” recalls Sam. “And I wanted to work in a small, dynamic team...I really believe in what Rocketspark is trying to do.” Now a few months into the job, he’s getting a feel for what it’s like. Like his Southern Hemisphere counterpart, Sam gets excited about helping clients get the most out of Rocketspark: “That’s one thing I really enjoy: communicating with clients. It’s nice watching the penny drop.”

Diving into the deep end of the tech industry would be enough excitement for some, but Sam likes to do adventure proper. The Patagonian mountains, Norwegian fjords and Easter Island moai are all on the bucket list but Sam has already done more than his fair share of intrepid exploration. The highlight so far? His stint as a sailor in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race during the 34-day London-to-Rio leg. The most memorable moment from this most memorable of adventures was going through the doldrums: “You go through these big seas and then suddenly you hit this vast expanse and it’s just completely still. It’s like a lake.” It can’t have slowed them down much though—Sam’s crew won the race.

And, since trimmer is a sailing term, I guess that makes Sam’s surname an aptronym, joining rugby lock Sam Whitelock, poker champ Chris Moneymaker and the venerable inventor of the toilet, Thomas Crapper, as people who do what their names tell them. Just another reason to love the guy.