New Rocketspark social media features

Social media features have been some of Rocketspark’s most requested features in 2015. In particular, the ability to connect your website with Instagram and to customise the style of your social icons to beautifully match the look and feel of the rest of your website design. Using social media is now vitally important to the success of many of our client’s businesses – so we got to work on a bunch of new features.

Now you can also link to Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube and Google+

The ability to link to an Instagram profile has been one of the hottest feature requests at Rocketspark this year, so that was an obvious addition. While we were at it we also linked up Pinterest, Youtube and Google+.

Beautiful social media buttons with style options

Asking someone how they like their social media icons displayed on their website is like asking someone what their favourite food is – everyone is different. So now you can customise the way your social media icons are displayed on your site.

Choose where you position your icons

Now you can display your social media icons in your Contact Bar, Side of Window or at the end of your Navigation menu. You can also show/hide your social icons in your footer.

Specify your icon colours

Specify your own colour for the social media icons or display them in black, white or the social network’s own brand colours to help them stand out.

Adjust the size of your icons

Depending on how prominent you want your icons to be, adjusting the size helps them to be just the right size to look great with your design.

7 icon style options

Social media icons can sometimes be an eyesore on a website. These new style options cover all of the hottest social media icon styles in a designer’s arsenal.

Redesigned social buttons block

The design of the social buttons block was given a makeover to a clean look that's in keeping with other buttons on your website.

Where can I find the new social media options?

If you're wanting to connect a social network, go to the social media page in the Rocketspark dashboard menu on the left hand side. If you want to change the size, colour and positioning of your social media icons, click the SOCIAL MEDIA DESIGN OPTIONS button at the top of that page.