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How it works

Rocketspark is a company that helps businesses get a website. Thousands of businesses from around the world come for a Rocketspark website and stay for the experience.

  • Rocketspark is an easy-to-use website builder.
  • You can build your own website or get it designed for you. 
  • We provide ongoing, award-winning phone & email support.

1. Build your website

2. Go live on the internet

3. Keep it updated



Choose the best option for you

Do-it-yourself or get it designed

No business is the same. Choose the best option for you.

Do-it-yourself website builder

Design it yourself using Rocketspark’s easy-to-use website builder - just drag and drop.

  • Customisable templates with preset content.
  • Enjoy 5-star support throughout and beyond. 
  • Simple monthly subscriptions.

Get a website designed for you

Work with a local Rocketspark Design Partner and get your website designed by an expert.

  • Have the entire process taken care of for you.
  • Ongoing professional advice and expertise. 
  • Initial setup fees.



Get it on the internet

Follow the simple prompts

Domain names, emails, hosting and migration. It can be tricky business. If you work with a Rocketspark designer, they'll take care of this for you. If you do-it-yourself, our custom upgrade process will take care of this for you.

  • If you need a domain name or email you can secure them in your Rocketspark dashboard while on the free trial.
  • If you have a domain name or email already, it's easy to link them to your website during the upgrade process with a few clicks and zero charges.
  • If you have a website already, transferring to Rocketspark is easy.

Upgrade from your free trial to a Rocketspark subscription

What is a subscription?

A Rocketspark website subscription is an ongoing payment similar to your phone plan.

An ongoing payment, why?

24 hours, every single day, for the entirety of the time you have a Rocketspark website, we take care of everything your website needs. Security, hosting, upgrades, storage, band-width, file back-up, responsiveness, new features, and more. We also provide unlimited, ongoing phone and email support and a control centre and page editor so you can make infinite updates to your website. Yes, all of that for one fixed monthly payment. See pricing and plans.


Keep it updated and optimised

For the entire time you have a Rocketspark website, you'll have your own login details
to make all the edits you need. An unlimited amount, in fact. 

Edit your website

  • Write blogs to demonstrate your expertise. 
  • Highlight upcoming events and delete outdated events. 
  • Delete, add new photos and information about team members. 
  • Feature recent before and after photos, new services, specials. 
  • Utilise Rocketspark's newest design features.

Connect with the very best

We've carefully selected the best third-party platforms to integrate with.

Still have questions?

Get an answer instantly from hundreds of help guides or give us call.

Work with recommended experts

At any time during your website's design and while your site is on the internet, you can get help from recommended professionals. Like you, we only work with people we trust.


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Graphic designers

"I would 100% recommend this product to others. I tried a number of other website developing websites prior to Rocketspark and this literally saved the day, its so easy to use."

Jenny C - HR Consultant, Peopleplus

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