Launching Better Design Businesses

The best foundational course for getting the best start in the creative industries

Our part-time, live Launching Better Design Businesses course is an immersive 8 week learning experience. Not just for designers, this course covers all the key things you need to do to set yourself up for success in your creative business. With a learn-by-doing approach, the live sessions with our Academy Professor Tonia Reid will give you the foundation you need for your business success and help you reach your goals.

During the course, you’ll deep dive into the fundamentals of setting yourself up to succeed in business. From your own vision and brand, to attracting the right clients and managing projects to successful completion.


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Part 1

Module One / Your Vision 
What does success look like to you?
How will you achieve it?

Module Two / Value Proposition
Your purpose and your customer – what problems do they have and how can you help them?

Module Three / Pricing 
What is the value of your service?

Module Four / Brand
Your brand values and personality and how that can be translated into your verbal and visual brand.

Module Five / Marketing
Where do you find your client? Getting comfortable with talking about what you do.

Module Six / Business Plan 
Write your succinct business plan

Part 2

Module One / Leads
How will you find your ideal customer?

Module Two / Proposals & Contracts
How will you turn that ideal customer into a paying customer?
What will be the financial and legal parameters of the work you will do for them?

Module Three / The Creative Brief
In terms of design, how is this project going to be different from

Module Four / Project Management
How to effectively manage projects and people so that you can
deliver a high-quality product/service on time and on budget.

Module Five / Finances
How will you track your finances and ensure you are allocating
funds for things like growth and taxes?

Module Six / Troubleshooting Managing conflict with customers and PITA clients

"If anyone is looking to upgrade their design skills or biz practices, I highly recommend you check out the Rocketspark Academy - best value for money short course I've completed in a long time, and Professor Tonia was outstanding!"

Anita Burgess
Wainui Creative

Why Rocketspark Academy?

Small class sizes

With small class sizes, each and every moment counts. It’s the best environment to learn from and collaborate with other amazing creatives.

One on one time with a tutor

Bookable slots that fit around you and a chance to deep dive with an expert. Get personalised advice from someone that's been there before.

Contextual curriculum

Our course content is created and curated by creative professionals for creatives. Business and creative learnings that apply directly to you & your business.

Experienced tutors

Delivered by Tonia Reid & Sarah Marshall, our tutors and course creators are all legends in their field, drawing on decades of design & business knowledge.

Schedules that suit your life.

All of our courses are part time, weekly. Tune in live or catch up on-demand. With a range of courses of different lengths, choose the right course for you.

"Rocketspark Academy was a great investment. Being able to collaborate with other creatives in the same space as me was invaluable. With the course being led by someone who’s been there and learned the lessons, I took away real learnings that I apply to my business every day. "

Katherine Holland
KHD Studio

You won't regret it

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