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An offer from Rocketspark to help Butchers in NZ

We’ve heard about the plight of butchers that had purchased extra supplies before the lockdown and were no longer able to sell their stock in their store.

At Rocketspark we help thousands of businesses around New Zealand to get online and we’re passionate about supporting local businesses.  During this challenging time we’re keen to use our skills and tools for good and want to help local butchers.

With our website builder anyone with basic computer skills can make their own website.  We also have a network of independent designers around NZ who have said they are ready to support local businesses who need help and they would review the site you create.  
If you are a member of Retail Meat NZ and are allowed to sell your meat online and don’t currently have an ecommerce website we will provide our website builder Ecommerce Pro plan to you for a 99% discount for three months. (Thereafter, if you choose to continue your subscription with Rocketspark, you'll pay $99 per month, or if you pay annually you'll save $192).

Also, if the status quo of no butcher trade continues you could create a site in the meantime to start taking pre-orders or to be ready to commence trading when the lockdown returns to a lower level.

We’re 100% genuine in our offer to help.  We expect no publicity and if this challenging time drags on we’d extend the offer as needed as this is not a profiteering exercise. In fact, please keep this offer to help on the down-low as we’ve only prepared this offer for butchers after hearing your story on the news.

If you’d like to take us up on this offer

  • Check out our ecommerce features to see if you like what's on offer
  • Start a free trial of our website builder here 
  • Set up your website - see tips in our Covid-19 ecommerce express guide
  • Call us on 0800ROCKET or message us via your trial website if you need help
  • Then, fill in the form below to let us know you’re underway and we’ll send you a 99% discount code and an invite to an online class if there's interest.

Get the 99% discount code

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Thanks for contacting us. We'll be in touch soon.

Frequently asked questions

Will the website work well on mobile devices?

Yes. We have a really nice mobile solution and any updates you make to your website content in future will automatically appear on mobile too.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can register new domains or transfer your existing domain name to Rocketspark. Alternatively manage your domain separately and point it at your website.

Is there any setup cost?

No, Rocketspark’s do-it-yourself website builder is free to setup for both ecommerce and standard websites.  Our design partners do offer design and build packages that have a setup cost. 

​Am I locked into a long-term contract?

We offer month-to-month and yearly plans you can cancel at any time. The free trial has no ongoing obligations, no notice period and no payment details to do the trial.

Can I have additional domain names?

Yes, If you would like more than one domain name for your Rocketspark site these can be priced & purchased from the Domain Names page within Dashboard.

How long will I get the 99% discount?

The discount offer is for 3 months for RMNZ members with no ecommerce website.  If the lockdown continues and business is hampered we'd be happy to look at extending the offer.  

​Where will my website be hosted?

Rocketspark has high quality website hosting in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. We host all clients websites so we can launch updates and new features.

Do my email accounts have to be with you?

No, you can have your email accounts hosted elsewhere and just your website with Rocketspark. If we are hosting your domain name, you can set your own MX records from the Domain Names page in Dashboard.

Can I track visitor traffic to my site?

Yes. You can see a huge amount of information about visitors to your site. Rocketspark integrates with Google Analytics for top notch reporting.

Does Rocketspark do SEO?

Rocketspark has a range of SEO partners that we can recommend to you. These partners specialise in content, Google Adwords, Google Shopping and SEO support.

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