Rocketspark ‘likes’ Social Media: Maximise your online marketing when your website & social media platforms work well together

We’ve all heard of a social media influencer making a living from their social media pages. Delve a little deeper and you’re likely to find that a lot of influencers have websites too. Having a great website is a good way to establish credibility for your brand as you currently have more control over design, colour, content, layout, format, and call-to-action links with a website than you do on social media. It's also a good way to build your presence in search results with SEO (search engine optimisation), which is an essential way to increase your brand awareness online.

A successful marketing strategy includes a great website platform that works well with key social media platforms. Think of your website as a central hub where your blog and social media platforms can link to for customers to convert—get more information or to make a purchase.

Social linking options for your Rocketspark Website.

Add a live Facebook feed or Instagram stack to your website to give your visitors a personal, interactive, real-time view of your business that’s likely to keep them perusing your website for longer. A social feed also acts as a visually engaging link directly to your social network and gives your viewers another way to stay engaged with your business once they’re no longer on your website.

Here’s how to link your Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts with your Rocketspark website.

Showcase your social media icons to match your brand.

Adding social media icons, as button links on your website will help you grow your followers on those additional platforms. It can be an easy and effective way to keep in touch with your customers, or potential customers. As long as you have good content on your social media platforms, and your website visitors decide to follow you, you have an opportunity to convert them further down the road.

Entice your viewers to take action on your website and click on your social buttons by showcasing them beautifully. You choose how you’d like your social media icons displayed on your Rocketspark website and can edit the colour, shape, size and location of the buttons to suit the look and feel of your brand.

See the help guide here for how to do this.