Inspired by adventure and design

Staff profile: Tyron Noble

We have a new adventurer here at Rocketspark. Tyron Noble has joined us, bringing with him his sharp eye for detail and passion for how brands can create inspiration.

Tyron, 31, is taking on the role of Graphic Designer here at Rocketspark.

“I have a varied role helping with what the marketing team requires and helping with product design as well. 

“I’m pretty excited about my new role, I love working for one brand and seeing how much you can make it grow,” he said.

Tyron is originally from Tauranga and went straight from finishing Year 13 at Tauranga College, to Wellington for his first year of study in Architecture. 

After that first year, he moved up north to Hamilton and transferred to the University of Waikato, changing his degree to Computer Graphic Design.

“I knew I wanted to do something creative, but I wasn’t 100 percent sure what that looked like. I did quite well at graphics in school and quite a few of my friends were going to Wellington to do Architecture. I thought that sounded pretty cool, but after doing my first year, I kind of realised what I really wanted to do, which turned out to be Graphic Design.”

Tyron landed his first job six months after he graduated at Torpedo7 and absolutely loved it, it mixed together what he’d studied and his passion for adventure sports. 

“The people I was most influenced by as a young adult came from the adventure sports I followed. I liked seeing how brands and sponsorship deals fitted with the athlete. That’s where I found my passion for graphic design, I wanted to be involved, in some form, with how branding impacts people and how brands can make you feel.”

Tyron not only loved the job, but found love on the job when he met his now wife, Christel. Christel was a photographer for Torpedo7 at the time and the pair found they shared a passion for creativity and adventure sports, a match made in Torpedo7.

Tyron has always been into adventure sports, especially motocross.

“I was heavily involved with motocross for a good seven to eight years, from when I was around 18 to 26. I stopped at about 27, because I found I was getting a bit too fragile and I was sick of having injuries. That was a big part of my life, but now I’m into hiking, fishing, biking and basically just love being outdoors.”

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