Unlock powerful ecommerce with TradeGecko & Rocketspark

Rocketspark’s new integration with TradeGecko is like a key that unlocks many doors for Rocketspark ecommerce merchants — it is a cloud commerce platform that lets merchants manage their inventory and orders across multiple locations and sales channels from a central hub, seamlessly integrating the supply chain from order through to fulfillment, while providing access to comprehensive reporting. Connecting your Rocketspark store with TradeGecko will help streamline time-consuming manual processes and open up new sales channels like a custom wholesale ecommerce portal, and markeplaces like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy.

Why did Rocketspark integrate with TradeGecko?

As Rocketspark merchants grow their businesses, their ecommerce functionality requirements and processes need to grow with them to scale up their business efficiently and effectively — but they don’t want to lose the simplicity of Rocketspark. Integrating with TradeGecko unlocks a significant amount of additional ecommerce capability so that even teams of one can easily manage their business.

Rocketspark’s tagline is “beautifully simple websites.” A side by side comparison of Rocketspark and TradeGecko’s about us pages show a real alignment of values when it comes to making websites and ecommerce easy for everyone.

Keep reading to see how integrating with TradeGecko could help your ecommerce business.

Powerful inventory and order management

When you’re getting started with ecommerce with a small number of orders managing inventory is simple, but as sales increase and customers grow to depend on your products being available when they want them, managing stock on hand and reordering in time often becomes a headache. That’s where TradeGecko comes in to add value to Rocketspark’s customers, providing them with an easy to use platform that automates inventory and order management, integrates with accounting platforms, 3PLs and provides access to powerful tools like inventory forecasting, warehouse management apps and more.

A wholesale ordering portal

If you’re selling to both retail and wholesale customers, you will now be able to leverage TradeGecko’s B2B eCommerce portal to provide each of your wholesale customers with a digital storefront that has pricing and a catalogue unique to them. By creating separate purchasing streams for these very different buyers, you’re able to deliver a great customer experience to both --- and best of all, you’re now effectively a multichannel business.

Connectability — one key, many doors

By integrating with TradeGecko, you will be able to seamlessly integrate your Rocketspark ecommerce store with countless add-ons, marketplaces, accounting tools, 3PLs and fulfillment providers. Every ecommerce business is different, so you can scale up with the integrations that best fit with your business. Here’s some notable highlights from the TradeGecko App Store:

1. Amazon

Amazon is a global ecommerce giant and by connecting your Rocketspark store with TradeGecko, this opens the door for your products to be listed on Amazon while sharing stock availability with Rocketspark ecommerce.

Shipping & fulfillment

All of our most requested shipping and fulfillment add-ons connect with TradeGecko to streamline your shipping and fulfillment processes. These include StarShipIt, Shippit, ShipStation and Fulfilment by Amazon.

Etsy & Ebay

TradeGecko’s marketplace integrations include access to Etsy and eBay, allowing you to manage products, inventory and orders across two huge online marketplaces.

What does the integration between TradeGecko and Rocketspark do?

When you connect your Rocketspark ecommerce store with TradeGecko, TradeGecko becomes the master location for your products. This includes product info, images, stock availability, categories etc. When you add a new product in TradeGecko it will sync through to Rocketspark. When you edit a product’s information on TradeGecko it will sync through to Rocketspark. But what if I only want to sync some of my TradeGecko products to my Rocketspark website? Easy! Just apply a tag to those products in TradeGecko and set your Rocketspark store to only sync products from TradeGecko with that tag.

If you want some of your product info to be different on your Rocketspark website than in TradeGecko (for example if you want to increase the Google search friendliness of your product pages), this is easy as well. Things like stock levels and pricing will remain linked to TradeGecko, but the product title or description can be different.

Any orders that you receive on your Rocketspark store will automatically flow through to TradeGecko, so TradeGecko will also become the way you process and fulfill orders — you can even print a packing slip or integrate with great fulfillment add-ons. This is great news if someone else in your team packs and sends your orders or you have a dedicated warehouse team, as you can set them up as users in your TradeGecko account. Any changes you make to the shipped/fulfilled or paid status of an order in TradeGecko automatically syncs with your Rocketspark orders page so you can keep track of your orders in Rocketspark.

Do even more with TradeGecko on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch

TradeGecko has a great mobile app for iOS so you can update product images, process orders, manage inventory and even view your customer details with a built in CRM — on the go, in the palm of your hand.

What if I’m already integrated with Vend or Xero?

TradeGecko also connects with Vend and Xero, so if you connect with TradeGecko you can unlink those add-ons from your Rocketspark account and connect them via TradeGecko to manage your entire business from a central location.

Powerful ecommerce, beautifully simple

At Rocketspark we are excited to see how the combination of Rocketspark and TradeGecko will help businesses grow their sales without scaling up that pesky manual admin time.

If you would like to learn more about Rocketspark and TradeGecko, please get in touch with the Rocketspark or TradeGecko support teams today!

How to link TradeGecko to Rocketspark

TradeGecko product import process for existing Rocketspark customers

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