Customised features: how to go “off-menu” and get the exact website your client wants

Customised features: how to go “off-menu” and get the exact website your client wants

In N’ Out Burger is famous for its “secret” menu. Aside from the advertised options (hamburger, cheeseburger, and a Double-Double), those in the know can order “animal style” (mustard-fried patty, sautéed onions), “protein style” (no bun), or—brace yourself—a “100x100” (one hundred patties!). The regular menu suits most, with the legendary California fast food chain one of the most popular in the US, but occasionally customers order off-menu.

Like In N’ Out, Rocketspark’s regular “menu” of features works for the vast majority of our design partners’ clientele. You can usually create a website that is exactly what you want with our website builder, no worries. But occasionally you want to go “off-menu” to fulfill something your client wants that isn’t possible using the standard features of our platform. Can Rocketspark deliver on those customised features?

For most web design platforms, the answer is “no”. Most other website makers require you to do any customised features yourself (or hire a third-party developer). But at Rocketspark, the answer is usually “yes”, always delivered with a 🙂 (maybe even a 🙃 if we’re feeling really jaunty). Get the Rocketspark scientists on the job! We won’t charge you an arm and a leg and, since it’s our system, we know how to deliver. No need to find a third-party developer to try and tinker—and potentially “break”—your Rocketspark website.

What can be customised?

Not everything is customisable, but there are a lot more options than the standard, off-the-shelf DIY features. Some of our most popular customisation requests are sticky header and sub-menus, in which a navigation menu “sticks” to the top of the window as you scroll down; a video feature area, for a punchier, more dynamic homepage; an age verification pop-up for wine and craft beer websites; drop-down menus, for an alternative navigation style; and custom fonts, for specific typeface needs. There are plenty of other custom tweaks we can do too. Check out more of our most popular requests on the Design Studio pricing page.

So while we can’t make any guarantees, for you, oh valued design partner, we’ll do our level best to incorporate the customised features that your client wants. (Why? Because we like you!)

Great! So what’s the process for getting customisations done?

It’s simple: just get in touch. Send us an email at support@rocketspark.com explaining what you want and, if possible, include a mock-up or example. From there, we’ll (a) let you know whether or not your request is possible, (b) outline various options, (c) give an estimate of cost, and (d) let you know what, if any, further information we need from you.

If under NZ$500, we’ll get to work once you give us the greenlight, and then invoice you once it’s done. If over NZ$500, we ordinarily require a 50% deposit upfront. Turnaround is typically 2–3 weeks, but if it’s urgent, we can usually complete the work within a few days for an additional 150% of the standard fee. Depending on the difficulty and size of the job, sometimes we’ll even do it for free.

We’ll keep you up-to-date throughout the process, emailing you once the customisation is completed and when the invoice has been sent.

Will my [insert desired custom feature] ever become standard?

We put a priority on listening to our customers. If a particular customisation is requested a lot, we generally try to incorporate it into our standard suite of features for DIY customers.

That means the DIY platform is always becoming better—and better value. A customised testimonial slider used to cost $280; now it comes free as a blog slider. A 5- or 6-column stack would have set you back $140; now it’s a free feature. Where once upon a time we charged $400 for a custom-built footer menu; now we’re pleased to offer it to you free as part of the built-in footer stack. A lot of new features are driven by customer demand, which we often gauge through customisation requests.

We’re proud of how much you can do with the Rocketspark website builder and, as you can see, it’s improving all the time. For that reason, often there’s a way of achieving what a client wants on the existing system without customisations. But if you want something that’s beyond its current capabilities, let us know. We’ll do everything we reasonably can to make it happen.

Conclusion: Go Off-Menu

Most DIY platforms don’t have the customisability of Rocketspark. We’re trying to make more (currently) custom features available directly from your dashboard. The customisation you or your client is looking for may well soon become a standard feature, if it’s not already. In the meantime, we’re happy to chat through the customisation options with you. There’s no secrets—or secret menus—here, just a team of enthusiastic web pros willing to bend over backwards to give you the exact website you want. Can’t see what you need? Go off-menu. Contact us on support@rocketspark.com.